This article is about the aquatic speeder . You may be looking for the turbofan-driven repulsorlift vehicle.

The Naboo Swampspeeder was a two-seater aquatic speeder.


It had limited armor and considerable speed and maneuverability. It was equipped with two light repeating blasters as well as two blaster cannons, of similar firepower those found on the V-19 landspeeder. Each light repeating blaster and blaster cannon were mounted very close to one another on either side of the fuselage, just in front of the cockpit, and were capable of training upward to attack foes above water level.

The light repeating blasters fired in linked configuration, while the blaster cannons could be fired only one at a time, although they could be either fired rapidly or charged up for a powerful shot capable of destroying an Armored Assault Tank in a single shot.

Behind the scenes[]

A side view of a Swamp Speeder

Oddly, no hangar description was recorded for the boat, making it the only unlockable vehicle in the game to not have a description voiced by Jeff Coopwood (as either Captain Quarsh Panaka or the game's narrator). The vehicle also doesn't appear in any stages naturally and no canon references yet exist outside the game to this boat, meaning no information on it is known besides its appearance and relative stats.

The vehicle was unlocked alongside the AAT only after being awarded Platinum Medals for every level in the game, most likely the hardest challenge in any Star Wars-based Factor 5 game. A password for unlocking the vehicle was later revealed as SWSPDR, and was most likely implemented due to worries that few - if any - players would ever see the vehicle.

Although its similarities to the Seraph-class urban landspeeder and V-19 landspeeder suggest the craft's manufacturer is SoroSuub Corporation, no true evidence exists to the boat's origin. Even though it has been nicknamed the "Naboo Swamp Speeder" to avoid confusion with the Infantry Support Platform - also known as the "Swamp Speeder" - the prefix is so far merely a common misconception.