Swamp Station Sweep is a single-player online flash player game found on StarWars.com. It was posted as a supplement to The Clone Wars webcomic Hunting the Hunters (Part II). Similar to the Gunship Over Florrum game, it deals with one of the bounty hunters who escaped after the Senate hostage crisis. The player has to defeat three waves of battle droids to capture Robonino. A bonus scene of the comic revealed with the completion of the game shows a Kwazel Maw spitting out Robonino right in front of Galactic Republic forces.


During a security sweep in the swamp planet Rodia, Kit Fisto and his clones were ambushed by hot-wired droid forces left by the bounty hunter Robonino. You must fight your way through the attacking droids and clear the station before Robonino escapes.

Your goal is to destroy all attacking droids in each level before time runs out. Once level is clear, you will move onto a new position. Bonus points will be earned for time and accuracy.


A screenshot of the game

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