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Swamp slugs were giant gastropods native to Dagobah.


An omnivorous species, swamp slugs had thousands of teeth and twenty-four pairs of legs. Their orange or golden eyes, the size of boulders, allowed them to see clearly beneath the murky, cloudy waters, while the two rubbery antennae on the top of their heads, which grew to two meters, utilized sonar to pinpoint exact locations of objects, searching by motion. Swamp slugs were omnivores, eating anything organic that they could fit in their mouths of jagged teeth. The teeth, or radula, lining the slug's esophagus would then pulverize into organic slime any plant or animal matter that it ingested. A hermaphroditic species, the swamp slugs reproduced sexually. Each partner would lay hundreds of eggs, most of which were eaten by other animals. They exuded a thick, foul-smelling mucus which damaged the breathing organs of other species. They were not desirable to eat by other predators and were given a wide berth in the swamps.


A swamp slug confronts a dragonsnake.

The Besadii Hutt crimelord Gardulla kept swamp slugs in the swamps and pools of her luxurious if notorious pleasure garden, within her Tatooine palace near the Dune Sea. In 32 BBY, while in pursuit of escaped slaves, one of Gardulla's Dug mercenaries, Khiss, spray-stick blasted a huge swamp slug back into the waters whence it surfaced to devour him.[2]

Swamp slugs were very closely related to the nos monster of Utapau and the Kwazel Maw of Rodia.[3]



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