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This article is about the troops outside the Stormtrooper Corps. You may be looking for the troops in the corps, or the Mud Jumpers in the Galactic Republic.

Swamp troopers, known informally as mudtroopers, were a type of Imperial Army soldier used by the Galactic Empire that existed outside the Stormtrooper Corps.


The swamp troopers of the 224th Imperial Armored Division fought on the swamp planet of Mimban during the Mimban campaign, which saw the Empire battle forces of the Mimbanese Liberation Army for control of the planet and its vital resources.[1] Han Solo served as a swamp trooper before deserting with the Wookiee Chewbacca to join Tobias Beckett's gang.[2]

Organization and equipmentEdit

Swamp troopers were a type of Imperial Army soldier that existed outside the Stormtrooper Corps. Standard troopers were denoted by a red bicep band. Medics fought alongside standard swamp troopers, and they could be identified by a white bicep band on their right arm.[1]

Swamp troopers were equipped with helmets and chest plates similar to those of Imperial officers' battle armor. Due to the often hazardous nature of the various worlds the Empire found itself subjugating, troopers wore goggles for eye protection and oxygen masks to filter out potentially deadly substances. Swamp troopers wielded SX-21 scatterblasters, E-10 blaster rifles, E-11 blaster rifles, E-22 blaster rifles, DLT-19 heavy blaster rifles, and EC-17 hold-out blasters.[1]

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Behind the scenesEdit

Swamp troopers were first officially revealed by Entertainment Weekly on February 7, 2018 during their coverage of Solo: A Star Wars Story[3]



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