This article is about the armor for the Imperial Army's swamp trooper. You may be looking for the armor for the wetland assault stormtrooper.

Swamp trooper armor was worn by the Imperial Army's swamp troopers. The armor possessed a helmet with the Galactic Empire's logo emblazoned on the forehead, a long dark visor, a built-in respirator mask, and a infrared sensor package installed on the left side of the helmet. There were also three ridges near the back of the neck. The torso armor was a full set of body armor with several emergency flotation packages near the bottom of the armor. They also wore a backpack containing a vital gas filtrator, an emergency survival kit, two climate control units, and two spare power packs. The lower part of the body was also placed in a sealed environment uniform as well as a pair of sealed boots. The left gauntlet is also equipped with a dedicated depth sensor, and it comes equipped with a specialized hand blaster that features the main blaster unit on the top barrel and the bottom barrel possessing a grappling hook assembly, with a quick release button and a winch unit for attachment. Spare grappling hooks were also included near one of the emergency flotation packages.[1]


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