"...sometimes there's nothing that'll do it but sweetblossom. It's a good thing the blossom's not addictive... It could grind galactic civilization to a halt in a week flat... Blossom is exactly like sleep. A little of it—two drops, maybe—and it's like you've just woken up, before your mind is in gear to do anything: you just sit around in your pajamas saying, 'I'll take care of business when I'm feeling a bit more like it.' But, of course, you never do. Five drops is good for endless sitting, curled up, comfortable, thinking nothing, watching addercops spin webs or dust motes make patterns. Your mind is perfectly clear, you understand, but the starter won't engage. Seven or eight drops and you're paralyzed. Awake, but unmoving, unable to move, like those mornings when you open your eyes but your entire body's still asleep. A good way to get through—oh—days when things are happening to you that you'd rather not feel."
Greglik to Leia Organa[src]

A jar of thick fluid made from Sweetblossom.

Sweetblossom was a flower whose extract produced a significant narcotic effect. While not addicting, the extract was used nonethteless by abusers who preferred to evade life's demands. While completely aware of their environment, users of sweetblossom had an attitude of procrastination and apathy. Rebel Alliance pilot Greglik spoke highly of the drug.

On Nam Chorios, Leia Organa Solo was drugged with sweetblossom by Seti Ashgad and Dzym the droch in an attempt to prevent her from fleeing their palace.