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"I think…I might have ruined my life."
"Sounds like you've met a woman. Do you want me to leave the bottle?"
―Jelph Marrian and a Keshiri bartender, who serves the former a mug of sweetwater[1]

Sweetwater was a beverage stored in a bottle and served in a glass mug at a bar located just outside the city walls of Tahv,[1] the Wild Space[2] planet Kesh's Sith capital. When the Human Jelph Marrian, dehydrated and ravenous, entered the bar as Kesh's sun set in 3960 BBY, the hovel's Keshiri bartender poured a mug of sweetwater for the guest, who also received a bowl of porridge.[1]

The bartender observed that Marrian was suffering from a relationship and offered him the remainder of the sweetwater bottle, although the guest remained silent. Secretly a Jedi, Marrian had pursued his love interest, the Sith Orielle Kitai, since the evening of the previous day, when Kitai had rushed to Tahv from Marrian's rural farm after discovering its hidden Jedi starfighter. While Marrian wanted to forget about the event, he realized that sweetwater would not help fulfill his desire. Nevertheless, Marrian drank his mug of sweetwater deeply, replenishing himself before leaving to confront Kitai in Tahv.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Sweetwater appears in the 2011 eBook Lost Tribe of the Sith: Sentinel, the sixth installment of the Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith series that was written by John Jackson Miller.[1]


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