The Swimming People of Dellalt, also known as Swimmers or Dellaltians, were sentient, lake-dwelling sauropteroids indigenous to Dellalt. They were large, with small heads on top of long, muscular necks, four flippers for movement in water, and heavy, short tails. Their hides varied from light gray to green and black.

The Swimmers had blowholes on the tops of their heads instead of nostrils, and their eyes were protected by a nictitating membrane. Their mouths were filled with sharp, pointed teeth, which they used to catch fish and for defense.

As a species, the Swimmers were territorial and had a set of laws to govern their lives. For a fee, they would ferry people and cargo across their lakes on rafts.

Swimmers spoke an accented form of Galactic Basic, using their mouths to form the words.

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