"Tors managed to splat another one, I see."
"All the great artists have a signature style."
―Lilla Dade and Judder Page[src]

Syla Tors was a Corellian pirate who later joined the Katarn Commandos as a pilot. The commando team was lead by Lieutenant Judder Page. In 8 ABY, Tors was part of the commando detachment sent to Kal'Shebbol to deactivate the planetary shields to allow the New Republic to liberate the planet.


Judder Page: "Nice job, Tors."
Syla Tors: "Thank you, Lieutenant. You weren't wanting this thing to fly again, were you?"
Judder Page: "Apparently not. Anyone hurt?"
Keleman Ciro: "No, sir. I wish you'd teach Tors how to land these things."
Syla Tors: "I've never been good with loaners. Booby-trap is set."
―Judder Page, Syla Tors, and Keleman Ciro[src]

Syla Tors was a Corellian female who operated as a pirate. She later joined the New Republic Special Forces and was selected to join the elite Katarn Commandos under the command of Lieutenant Judder Page. Tors served as the team's pilot and communications specialist.[1]

During the New Republic's mission to liberate the planet Kal'Shebbol, elements of the Katarn Commandos were assigned to infiltrate the Imperial Government Complex and deactivate the deflector shieldcovering the world's only continent. Tors piloted a Ghtroc Class 720 freighter carrying Lieutenant Page, Sergeant Keleman Ciro, Kaiya Adrimetrum, Gottu, and Vandro. Posing as a nondescript freighter, Tors intended to try and blend in with the civilian traffic fleeing the New Republic task force assault the planet. As the rest of the freighters were directed to designated landing fields, Tors piloted the vessel towards a pre-determined target to rendezvous with the team's Pathfinder, Lilla Dade, who had been on the planet for three days.[2]

Tors almost managed to get the freighter down when it was targeted by an Atgar 1.4 FD P-Tower on the Imperial Government Complex. The laser blast destroyed the ship's starboard repulsorlift, sending the freighter crashing to the ground. The ship skidded through grassland and decorative shrubberies before punching through the perimeter death fence. Despite crashing, Tors managed to put the vessel in between two hills that put it out of sight of any of the Complex's weapon emplacements. After setting an explosive booby-trap on the freighter, Tors joined the rest of the commando team in waiting for Pathfinder Lilla Dade to make contact.[2]

Dade sent a local contact, the Defel Kl'aal, to rendezvous with the command team and he lead them to the Pathfinder. Dade had found an access into the Complex, allowing the commandos to infiltrate Sarne's command center. Splitting his force, Page led Tors, Ciro, and Vandro to cut off the Moff's escape while Adrimetrum, Dade, Gottu, and Kl'aal headed to Sarne's detention level. Before reaching Sarne's escape vessel, a hidden Carrack-class light cruiser, the four commandos were incapacitated by Sarne using a piece of exotic technology. The mind-numbing field laid the team low, allowing the Moff to reach his ship. Despite Ciro destroying the module, the cruiser launched before the commandos could recover. Ciro managed to use a beamdrill to freeze the Complex's shields in the off position when the ship launched, completing the commando's primary mission. With the shields down, Page ordered Tors to contact the admiral in command of the New Republic fleet and inform him of the situation.[2]

Tors flew an assault shuttle to extract Gottu and Idow from the planet Jendorn. The pair had infiltrated a prison compound in the city of Bruzion where they rescued six New Republic pilots from Imperial captivity.[3]

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"Okay Tors: whistle up the admiral and tell him the front door's open."
"Yes, sir. Page's Commandos have done it again."
―Judder Page and Syla Tors[src]

Tors was a highly skilled commando able to operate in any environment. She was selected to join the Katarn Commandos because of her high level of morale, courage, skill and devotion to the New Republic's cause. Like all members of the team, Tors was a jack-of-all-trades with a variety of skills that allowed her to complete missions independently if needed. She also specialized in piloting starships when the Katarn Commandos were able to take their own transportation. Tors was also a communications expert, capable of operating any comm unit and breaking through any jamming signal.[1]



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