"Synara's Score" is the eighth episode of the first season of the animated television series Star Wars Resistance. The episode premiered on November 18, 2018.[1]

Official description[]

With his spy in place, pirate leader Kragan Gorr seizes the opportunity to strike at the Colossus.[3]

Plot summary[]

The tri-tracker chip[]

The episode opens with a wide landscape shot of the Colossus. Kazuda Xiono, BB-8, Neeku Vozo, and Tam Ryvora are fixing a tracking computer while R1-J5 "Bucket" wheels away. Captain Imanuel Doza warns Jarek Yeager that the next pirate attack could come at any moment. He tells him that he needs those cannons operational within three hours or else.

Yeager asks Doza why he's worrying about a few turbolasers when his Ace Squadron is protecting them. Captain Doza replies that he is sending the Aces to escort an important supply shipment, and warns about the increasing threat of pirate raids. Yeager promises they will have the cannons working in no time and that he will have his top engineer working on it.

Just then, he hears a sound from the computer, and shuts off the hologram to investigate. Neeku says that this is bad, extraordinarily bad. He says that they are going to need a new CoMar Tri-Tracker chip, which he describes as an extremely rare component. Tam asks where they are going to find a military grade chip on such short notice. Neeku says that the odds of finding one here are slim to impossible.

Yeager enters and says that Captain Doza needs this job finished fast. He tells Tam and Kaz to find that part and don't tell anyone what it is for. He adds that this project is top secret. Kaz tells Neeku especially you too, with Yeager emphasizing the importance of secrecy to the Neeku. Yeager says that he doesn't want a word out of the missing CoMar Tri-tracker chip to anyone and tells the Neeku that's why he is staying at the garage to work. Neeku protests about his meal break but Yeager snoozes.

A false start[]

At the Office of Acquisitions, Orka says he has got five of those chips and six of those hyperdrive cores. He also claims that he has a crate of Kyber crystals. Kaz is delighted and the gorg Bitey lands on top of BB-8, which the droid pushes off following a brief tussle. However, his business partner Flix then reveals that Orka was "pulling their leg." Orka laughs and quips that they barely have five credits for lunch.

When Kaz asks where they get this junk, Flix tells them that they get it from scavengers who are hauling scrap from the bottom of the ocean. Orka says they may have the parts but good luck getting them at a decent price. Flix laughs about Kyber crystals. As they leave, Kaz turns to Tam and tells her that they may be in luck.

Turning to Synara[]

They head to the Colossus loading docks where Synara San has found work. Tam asks Kaz if he thinks that they are going to find what they are looking for down here. Kaz says he is not sure but says he has a friend who works as a scavenger and maybe they can help her in their time of need. They then see Synara San arguing with Orthog. She bashes him in the head with a canister before walking away.

Tam asks if that is Kaz's friend, which he confirms. Synara then hands the canister to a security droid. Kaz introduces his friend Synara as the survivor they registered a while back. Tam remakes that she is fitting in well nicely as Orthog rises briefly before slumping to the floor again. She reminds Kaz that they are looking for a CoMar tri-tracker chip. Kaz says let him do the talking because she is obviously dangerous and he likes danger.

Kaz reunited with Synara, who asks what they need. Kaz tries to tell her but he can't remember the name of the device. Tam interjects and tells her they are looking for a CoMar tri-tracker chip but that it needs all three ports intact and couplets if she has spares. Kaz cheers and Synara is impressed by Tam's knowledge of mechanics. Kaz talks about keeping the coupling safe and shows her the damaged tri-tracker chip.

Synara recognizes this as military hardware and says that this is usually dismantled before you get them on the deck. Tam says that someone down here may have salvaged some old military wreckage like a VF-72 gunner ship or an old Y-wing starfighter. Tam asks if Synara minds checking for them. Synara says she can see what they find. Tam says thanks and we'll take the housing if you need it but nothing more. Synara says she will look for it. Kaz protests he was handling it but Tam says he is not doing a very good job at that.

Striking gold[]

Shortly later, Synara salvages a tri-tracker chip from a sunken cruiser and says that they were lucky to find it before the sea water corroded everything. She asks Tam if it will work. Tam says that it will work perfectly. Synara asks what they need the tracker chip for. Kaz claims that their boss is crazy about old stuff and collects them. Synara asks about Yeager's stuff but Tam says thanks and tells her to charge the credits to Yeager's repairs. Kaz thanks Synara and tells her that if she needs anything. Synara replies goodbye.

While walking through a corridor, Tam says she can't believe how fast Synara found that chip. She says that Synara really knows her tech. Kaz says that he doesn't really know that much about her and says that she is a bit of a mystery. BB-8 beeps that he doesn't trust her. Kaz admits not trusting her but says that she did help them out.

Back at the garage, Yeager asks Tam and Kaz if they got that part. Tam says yes and shows the tri-tracker chip. Yeager allows Neeku to take a break but warns him not a word to anyone. Neeku says yes sir but muffs his mouth, taking Yeager's command literally. He tells them no one comes in, no friend or customer. Neeku blabbers in reply with his hands over his mouth.

Rising stakes[]

Meanwhile, Synara spies on a satellite dish with her macrobinoculars. She also spies on the shield generator and the tracking system, taking an interest in the latter. She spies Captain Doza and Yeager talking on Doza Tower. Synara contacts the Weequay pirate Drell by hologram. He asks Synara about the progress of the mission and asks if she is enjoying it. Synara tells Drell not to mock her and demands to speak to Kragan Gorr immediately.

At Doza Tower, Captain Doza says that he needs the cannons online within the hour. Yeager protests that is impossible. He explains that he has all the necessary parts but that getting it installed is another thing. Captain Doza replies that he can't afford to leave the Colossus defenseless and that the pirate strategies have been changing.

When Yeager asks what he means, Doza says they are better prepared, have better equipment, and seem to have more resources but he doesn't know how. Captain Doza admits that even when their defenses are operational, they are barely hanging on. Yeager promises to find a way to have those turrets up within an hour. Doza stands impassively as Yeager leaves.

Meanwhile, Kragan asks Synara what she has got for him. She tells him that she believes that the tracking system of the anti-aircraft cannons are down. The two surmise that with Aces gone the platform will be defenseless. Kragan orders Synara to get her the confirmation and that he will make the necessary preparations. Terminating the connection, Synara climbs down the ladder.

The spy in their midst[]

At the repair shop, Neeku muffles with his hands over his mouth. Kaz tells him that he is more annoying making those sounds than actually talking. Tam agrees that this is ridiculous and tells Neeku he is free to talk. Neeku tells them they have a visitor. Team Fireball are surprised to see Synara.

Kaz greets her and Team Fireball struggle to hide their awkwardness. Tam asks how she is and claims they are relaxing. Synara says that she has brought several connector couplings and tells them that she has a surplus. She says that the couplets come free of charge.

Synara observes that they are working on an old targeting computer and asks if that is what they needed the tracking chip for. Kaz bursts out in an awkward laugh and claims they are working on a food steaming machine. Kaz thanks her for the parts and bids her farewell while Tam smiles awkwardly. He takes the power couplings and almost drops them.

Tam tells Synara that it's her meal break he asks if she wants her to treat her to a meal in exchange for the machine parts. Synara accepts this as a fair trade while Kaz struggles with power couplings. Tam says that is the least she can do and tells Kaz and Neeku to continue working on the streamer. Kaz tries to say he is almost on break but Neeku muffles him.

Gaining Tam's trust[]

In the marketplace, the janitor Opeepit collects rubbish from a passerby. When Synara asks Tam about her origins, Tam says that she is not from anywhere and that her father was a pro-racer who traveled from one system to the next. Synara says that sounds like the life of a scavenger before passing junk to Opeepit.

Synara asks if Tam wanted to be a racer. Tam says she was working her way up the circuit. She says that she was taking part in a race and needed to borrow credits for her ship. She lost the race and her ship. Tam has found work on the Colossus as a mechanic until she has enough money to buy a racer. Synara says that it seems they both want the same thing, more than what life has offered them.

They the watch the Aces launching. Synara asks where they are going. Tam says they don't know but it looks like all of them have left. Tam realizes that she has got work to do. Kaz reminds Tam that they have got to finish the project now. Tam bids Synara farewell. Synara heads to a corridor and tells Kragan that the Aces are away and that the turret's targeting computer is down. She says they have an opening. Kragan is impressed and Synara nods her head with approval.

Behind schedule[]

While walking through the corridor, Kaz tells Tam that taking breaks and neglecting work is usually his thing and jokes that it is nice to see him catching up. Kaz counters that she can do twice the work he can in half the time. Back at the repair shop, they meet Yeager, who has arrived in a cargo lifter. He tells them they are behind schedule and to move. Tam apologizes for her tardiness.

Yeager asks Tam where she is and expresses disappointment that she was goofing around. Tam tells Yeager to give them a few minutes and that they are almost there. Yeager counters they don't have a few minutes and that Doza wants the cannons online now. He adds that the security of the entire platform depends on them.

Kaz tells them not to get excited and asks Neeku about the odds of a pirate attack happening this very second. As he speaks, a pirate starship strafes the platform with laser fire. Pirate fighters and speeder bikes circle the Colossus. Neeku covers his mouth in shock and muffles. Kaz says no kidding.

The pirate raid[]

A speeder carrying two pirates dressed in repurposed stormtrooper armor approaches a balcony. One of the pirates dismounts and jumps on top of Bolza Grool's shop stand in the marketplace. A second pirate wearing scout trooper armor holds the Klatooinian merchant at gunpoint. Opeepit scurries past. The Hassk pirate Snarl fires his blaster into the sky.

As pirates swarm the Colossus, Yeager closes the blast door and tells them that they need to get the targeting computer online now. Tam connects the computer and says it is good to go. Kaz says we can do the rest during the install. Just then, explosions rock the loading docks as a fire breaks out. Tam rushes there to help Synara.

Kaz says Tam is right and tells Yeager that Synara gave them the parts to fix the computer and that they need to help her. However, Yeager grabs Kaz's arm and tells him to help by getting these cannons online before they all suffer the same fate. Kaz complies and tells BB-8 to follow Tam. He says let's get those cannons firing as "Bucket" watches. Tam asks if BB-8 is coming and the two race through the corridors.

On the way, Tam pushes a cargo sled into the path of a pirate wearing stormtrooper armor, knocking him onto the sled. Tam pushes the pirate and the sled. The Arcona Garma and two other civilians then stomp on the pirate before recovering their stolen goods. Tam tells BB-8 they need to get to the docks.

Fighting on two fronts[]

As the pirates strafe the Colossus, Captain Doza uses a comlink to call for two security teams to head to the loading dock. He watches the platform burning and asks Yeager by comlink where are his cannons. Meanwhile, Yeager and Kaz head to the turbolasers on a repulsorlift. Yeager tells Doza to keep his head on because they are on the way.

Yeager drops the repulsorlift, startling Kaz. Yeager remarks that he thought Kaz liked flying and Kaz counters when he is in control. The two are attacked by a pirate speeder carrying Kragan and a Hassk pirate. As the two fly to the turbolasers, the Hassk pirate giggles in delight as he lifts a crate.

Tam and BB-8 enter the loading docks. A Nikto pirate tries to attack Tam, but she tackles him to the ground. Tam sees Synara and runs after her. Tam runs into the Hassk pirate and hurls him against a crate. She is then attacked by the Trandoshan pirate Skreek.

Kaz and Yeager arrive at the gun platform. However, Kragan Gorr and several pirates arrive on two speeder bikes. Kragan orders his men to stop them from repairing the targeting computer. Kaz and Yeager fight the pirates including another Trandoshan and the Hassk pirate from the marketplace.

The second Trandoshan pirate chases Kaz with a vibro-ax while Yeager and the Hassk struggle for control of the repulsorlift. Yeager manages to throw the Hassk pirate off the gun platform. The Trandoshan knocks Kaz to the ground with his vibro-ax and is about to finish him off when Yeager rams the speeder into him. Yeager uses the speeder to load the targeting computer into the gun turret control station. Kragan attacks Kaz and grabs his leg. Kaz manages to get aboard the repulsorlift and Yeager flies off. Kragan lands on the craft and manages to throw Kaz onto the gun platform. Kragan fights with Yeager.

Synara's cover and rebooting the turbolasers[]

Back at the loading docks, Skreek has grabbed Tam but she manages to hit him in the face. The pirate then trips backward over BB-8. Tam thanks BB-8 as she sees Synara fleeing amidst the smoke. Meanwhile, while still fending off Kragan on the speeder, Yeager tells Kaz to get in and to get the unit online. Kaz heads to the targeting computer but has to fight the second Trandoshan. He manages to stun the Trandoshan with his vibro-ax. Realizing that the targeting computer didn't go in correctly, he bangs at it in frustration. Kaz tells Yeager they have to realign it as Yeager struggles with Kragan for control of the repulsorcraft. Yeager manages to tilt the speeder.

Back at the landing platform, Lin Gaava tries to salvage some things while Tam searches for Synara. She finds her huddled by a crate. A Hassk pirate tries to shoot Tam but Synara knocks him out. Tam is impressed that Synara knocked out the pirate with one punch. She asks Tam what she is doing here. Tam replies that she heard the explosion and thought she might need help. Synara is surprised that Tam risked her life to save her. BB-8 beeps. Tam says off course she did and that is what friends are for. BB-8 beeps.

Back at the gun platform, Kaz uses the vibroblade to adjust the targeting computer while Kragan and Yeager fight for control of the craft. Captain Doza contacts Yeager by comlink and reiterates his order to get the cannons operational now. Yeager replies he is working on it. Kaz struggles to push the targeting computer in. Yeager manages to push it in with his speeder.

After some buzzing, the targeting computer comes to life and closes the interface. With the target systems ready, Captain Doza activates the gun turrets and shoots at the pirate ships, damaging one fighter. Lacking the means to counter the gun turrets, Kragan orders his gang to fall back and retreat. He flees aboard a modified Lambda-class shuttle and says they have done enough damage for the day. Kaz and Yeager watch the pirates retreating under enemy fire.

The dust settles[]

Tam and Synara help lift a crate, freeing the trapped Lin. Tam says it's over with Synara adding for now. Kaz and Yeager return on the repulsorlift to Yeager's workshop. Yeager compliments Kaz for doing a good job and thanks Yeager. Kaz thanks his boss back. Yeager says he is proud of Kaz because he showed some nerve out there.

Neeku, who is still muffling his mouth, and Bucket greet Kaz. As Neeku mumbles, Yeager tells him that he can go back to talking. Neeku tells them that you will not believe the siege that we withstood. He recounts how a pirate knocked on their door and that they were not sure if they were here. He tells how he and Bucket came up with the heroic ruse of hiding in the supply closet and not saying a word. An exhausted Yeager tells him to stop talking, causing a Neeku to muffle his mouth again.

Kaz observes that the platform took quite a beating. Yeager says that the damage is done and that those pirates probably stole some food and supplies. He says it is awfully convenient. When Kaz asks what he is getting at, Yeager says that it is no coincidence that the pirates show up after the Aces have left and their defenses are down and are vulnerable. Kaz asks if that means if he was not the only spy on the platform. Yeager tells him that he is not the only spy on this platform.

While Tam helps a bearded alien mechanic, Synara thanks her for risking her to life to help her. Tam says we have to look out for each other. Tam says she better get back and check on Kaz and the others. Synara tells her to look after herself. While Tam trusts Synara, BB-8 beeps behind a crate, still not trusting Synara.

Reconsidering Pyre's offer[]

Back at Doza Tower, Captain Doza surveys the damage and contacts Commander Pyre by hologram. Pyre is surprised to see Doza, who requests to look at the proposal he has to offer. He asks for help in making these pirate raids stop. Pyre says this has excellent news and says he will arrive to oversee the details of the proposal personally. Captain Doza then flexes his hands.


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Notes and references[]

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