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"Let's trash this place!"
―Synara San, during the raid on the Colossus[src]

Synara San was a female Mirialan who served as a member of Kragan Gorr's Warbird gang during the era of the New Republic.


Synara San was a member of Kragan Gorr's pirate gang which, by 34 ABY, had been hired by the First Order to attack the Colossus platform on Castilon, as they wanted to take it over by pressuring the platform's owner, Captain Imanuel Doza into inviting them onboard.[2]

Raid on the ColossusEdit

"An interference? It's harrying the channel, comm system is-is jammed. The navigation is locked."
―Synara San, to Kragan Gorr[src]
Synara San

Synara San, during the raid on the Colossus

Gorr sent the Neimoidian spy Hallion Nark to the Colossus as an inside agent. Nark soon gave them the all-clear for an attack on the platform. During the attack, San served as Gorr's co-pilot on his shuttle. While fighting Ace Squadron, the defenders of the Colossus, an individual fell onto the windscreen of their shuttle. Gorr and San shook him off and continued to cause havoc on the platform. However, a disturbance occurred on the comm channel. San tried to stop it, but it began jamming all of the shuttle's systems. The Aces used this to their advantage and shot down one of the pirate fighters, forcing Gorr to order a retreat.[2]

Following their failed attack, Gorr contacted Major Elrik Vonreg of the First Order to update him. San stood with Gorr when Captain Phasma entered the conversation, being very displeased with their efforts. Gorr promised her that soon Imanuel Doza would be begging the First Order to take control of the Colossus.[2]

Infiltrating the ColossusEdit

"This kid mistook me for the crew and got me registered."
"Huh. Maybe this will turn out better than stealing cargo. Our little mishap might just work to our advantage. Stay put and blend in. I'll have an assignment for you soon."
―Synara and Kragan[src]

Later, San led members of the gang in raiding a Darius G-class freighter in an asteroid field near Castilon. The freighter was carrying a cargo of Kowakian monkey-lizards, including an unusual giant one which devoured most of the pirates. San managed to survive by locking herself in a cargo crate, where she fell unconscious. When the derelict starship was investigated by Resistance members Commander Poe Dameron, Kazuda Xiono and the astromech droids BB-8 and CB-23, they discovered the unconscious San in the crate and, mistaking her for a member of the crew, rescued her.[3]

San didn't wake up until she was already on Castilon, in a shuttle flown by Jarek Yeager. She initially punched Xiono upon waking up, but he told her they only wanted to help, and claimed that she had been rescued by two pilots, and that he and Yeager had volunteered to take her to the Colossus for medical treatment. San was surprised that she was being taken to the platform, and claimed that she had been a victim of the pirate attack, and that her identification had been stolen. Xiono and Yeager got her registered at the platform, but Yeager, who was slightly suspicious of San, told Xiono that if anything went wrong, it was his responsibility. San, once alone, contacted Gorr and told him where she was, and he told her to blend in and stay put until he had an assignment for her.[3]


Synara San sells Flix and Orka an unopened chest

San got a job at the Colossus' loading docks, working as a salvager. She frequently argued with the other salvagers there, and got into a few fights with them.[4] During her work there, she became acquainted with Flix and Orka, owners of the Office of Acquisitions, and regularly sold them unopened chests and crates the salvagers had recovered, due to the duo's love of surprises.[5]

Some time after her arrival, Xiono, who had attempted to befriend her, and his co-worker Tamara Ryvora came to the loading docks in search of a CoMar Tri-Tracker chip, which they needed to repair the tracking computer for the Colossus' defence turbolasers, a job for which Team Fireball had secretly been hired. San informed the two that they were in luck, as they had one chip left, and Ryvora, who took a liking to her, told her to charge it to Yeager's Repairs. Aware that such chips were used in targeting computers, after Xiono, Ryvora and the droid BB-8 left, she climbed on top of the loading dock and took a look at the turbolasers with macrobinoculars, suspecting them to be out of commission. She contacted Gorr's gang, first speaking with Drell, before informing Gorr of her suspicions. He told her to confirm that the targeting computer was offline, so that if the Ace Squadron left the platform, the pirates could launch an attack.[4]

The second attackEdit

Although San had helped Xiono and Ryvora find the Tri-Tracker chip, Xiono admitted to BB-8 that he wasn't sure if he trusted her. While Xiono, Ryvora and Neeku Vozo were working on the computer, San, in search of more information, came to the repair shop, surprising them as Vozo, who was extremely literal-minded, hadn't warned the other two in time as he had taken orders not to speak of the tracking computer job as meaning he had to cover his mouth with his hands whenever he spoke. San claimed she had come only because the salvagers had a surplus of connector couplings, and was bringing them spares on the house. Xiono and Ryvora tried to hide the computer from San's view, and Xiono unconvincingly claimed it was a "food steamer", but she had already deduced what it was.[4]

To get San out of the shop, Ryvora offered to take her to lunch at the Colossus marketplace. At the marketplace, as the two women were talking after eating, they saw all five Aces depart the platform, on a mission from Captain Doza to escort in an important shipment, which led Ryvora to realize she had to get back to work. San got herself to a secluded spot inside and contacted Gorr, informing him he had an opening. The pirate gang shortly arrived to carry out a second attack.[4]

During the attack, after she had finished working on the targeting computer, Ryvora saw explosions at the loading docks and grew worried for San, deciding to run over and help her. Xiono sent BB-8 to assist. When Ryvora managed to reach San at the docks, she was shocked that Ryvora had actually come to help her during the attack, which Ryvora explained as being what friendship was all about. Accosted by one of her fellow pirates, San punched him out before he could reveal their association, which impressed Ryvora. After the pirates had departed, San thanked Ryvora for coming to help her, and went back to helping with the cleanup, her cover intact.[4]

The treasure chestEdit

Later, Synara San sold the merchants Flix and Orka a treasure chest. However, the treasure chest turned out to be full of thermal detonators. Flix and Orka accidentally activated the detonators but managed to throw the chest into the ocean before the detonators could explode. Shortly later, Synara appeared and offered to sell them a new chest, which they gladly accepted.[5]

Bibo and the ResistanceEdit

During one of her salvaging trips, San recovered a wrecked Z-95 Headhunter. She contacted Xiono about it as she thought he could use some of the parts for the Fireball. When Xiono and Neeku Vozo arrived at the loading docks, she was just raising the wreckage into the platform. Xiono offered her lunch in thanks for her assistance, but she politely declined his offer. When she hopped onto the wreckage to inspect it, she heard a noise and recoiled at a strong odour, which revealed itself to be a small sea creature. As San and Xiono watched in disgust, Vozo was instantly taken with it, adopting it as a pet and naming it Bibo.[6]

Synara salvaging skiff

San takes Xiono with her on a salvaging trip

Later, when she next contacted Gorr, he asked her why she'd missed several check-ins, and she defended herself by pointing out that she was busy spying. Gorr informed San that he had discovered that the pilots who rescued her were members of the Resistance, which surprised her. He showed her a picture from one of the freighter's security cameras, showing Dameron, Xiono and their droids inside the freighter. However, due to smoke and low lighting conditions, San couldn't recognize anyone in the hologram before she had to shut off her comlink because she heard Xiono approaching. Wanting to find out more about her rescuers, and knowing that Xiono had seen them, San invited him along on her last salvaging trip of the day. Once on the ocean, although Xiono got tired of salvaging rather quickly, San asked him about the pilots. He claimed not to know anything about them, and that they were just pilots, before adding that one of them had been "kind of handsome". San suggested that she knew who Xiono was: a lover of secrets, like herself, a claim that he unconvincingly denied.[6]

Almost immediately afterwards, San and Xiono became aware of an enormous creature under the water, and decided to return to the Colossus, only to realize the creature was going the same direction. Near the platform, they had to swerve their vehicle to avoid a huge tentacle that came above the water before smashing down. Arriving at the Colossus marketplace, San and Xiono attempted to warn people of the approaching monster, but were ignored, and two security droids attempted to arrest them for causing a panic. The sight of many more tentacles above water proved the truth of their warning, and San and Xiono were able to activate the pirate alarm that lowered the market's protective blast doors. When the door became damaged, San suggested that as she'd heard Xiono was a good pilot, he go help the Aces while she closed the door. Fiddling with the control panel's wiring proved the trick.[6]

Ace Squadron and Xiono's borrowed Fireball tried to drive away the sea monster, which turned out to be a mother rokkna searching for her child Bibo. In the end, Tam managed to convince Neeku Vozo to return Bibo to his mother, ending the Bibo incident peacefully.[6]

Personality and traitsEdit

Synara San was a female Mirialan with black hair, blue eyes, green lips and pink skin.[2] She had traditional Mirialan tattoos on her face, consisting of eight blue diamonds on her forehead and the bridge of her nose.[3] She was technologically adept, which allowed her to get a job as a salvager while undercover on the Colossus.[4]

San's time on the Colossus caused her to develop a friendship with a few of residents, particularly Kazuda Xiono, Tam Ryvora,[4] and Torra Doza. Due to her new bonds, San struggled to balance her loyalty to Kragan Gorr with her new friends. When she learned that the Warbird gang was plotting to kidnap Torra Doza, San secretly betrayed her allies to help rescue her.[7]

Behind the scenesEdit

Synara San is a character created and developed for Star Wars Resistance. She is voiced by Nazneen Contractor.[2] Earlier designs of Synara depicted her as a Weequay as well as a green-skinned Mirialan, before settling on the latter species but changing her skin color.[8]



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