This article is about the ice-covered planet in the Grumani sector. You may be looking for Syned I, a moon with an obelisk on its surface.

Syned was an ice-covered planet in the Syned system, in Grumani sector. During the Republic Dark Age, Syned was under the control of Sith Lord Chagras, but after his death, it fell into the hands of his daughter Arkadia Calimondra.


Located in a cluster of blue newborn stars, Syned was captured relatively recently, in astronomical terms, by its weak sun. Because of this, the planet's rotation period was extremely short. However, the heavy molten core of Syned counter-balanced the planet's fast rotation to produce a standard gravity environment.[2] Syned was orbited by an adolescent star, therefore its surface was entirely covered in ice and snow. The planet had little oxygen in its atmosphere, making it necessary for members of most sentient species to don an environmental suit when outdoors.[3] Physicists during the Republic Dark Age expected the planet to eventually tidally lock to its parent star, thawing the dayside. Its surface had a tortured appearance, with shattered ice sheets broken by ancient tectonic activity frozen into place.[2]

Syned was home to at least two non-sentient species: giant ice lizards known as beralyxes and Synedian algae. The latter thrived in the seas beneath the ice sheets covering the planet's surface. Synedian algae were used as both a source of fuel and food, being extracted through thermal veins and then processed at algae processing plants. Without these algae processing plants, Syned would be unable to sustain any civilization. The planet's reclamation facilities were also used to extract underwater minerals at a rate of one miligram at a time.[3]

The Dravian Starport was eventually built to serve as a waypoint between Syned and the desert world of Cotellier.[4]


New Sith WarsEdit

At some point between 1066 BBY[5] and 1040 BBY, Syned was under the control of Sith Lord Chagras.[2]

After Chagras' death in 1040 BBY,[2] the world came into the possession of the Sith Lord Arkadia Calimondra and served as the capital of her realm. In 1032 BBY, the Jedi Knight Kerra Holt and Rusher's Brigade mercenary leader Jarrow Rusher escaped from Syned, damaging much of the city of Calimondretta.[3]

Galactic Civil WarEdit

Eventually, through the use of protective domes and underground cities, a small outpost was established on the planet. This outpost eventually became a successful transfer station due to its proximity to the Duros Space Run. However, its importance eventually led to the Empire establishing a presence on the world. During the Imperial Period, each city was governed by a councilor who were very loyal to the Imperial governor. The Empire maintained a fairly tight control of the planet and a noticeable military presence.[4]



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