"Greetings, trespassers! This is Predori Prison Ship Ashmead's Lock. I am the ship's IPU, or Intellectual Processing Unit, designation SOL-GDA: Synthesized Operating Layer, Grid-Based Drive Array. Welcome to my ship."

Synthesized Operating Layer, Grid-Based Drive Array, shortened as SOL-GDA, was the Intellectual Processing Unit (IPU) for the prison ship Ashmead's Lock. Ashmead's Lock and SOL-GDA were constructed by the Predori, a rogue empire that opposed the Galactic Republic centuries prior to the Galactic Civil War. Hidden in a gravity well, the ship crashed on the nearby planet Kashyyyk after the well collapsed on itself. SOL-GDA remained intact, however, and still continued to operate even after the Galactic Empire took control of Ashmead's Lock and had it modified and rebuilt.[1]

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