"Did they really tell you not to help us?"
"It depends on how you define order."
Jaina Solo and Syrtik[src]

Captain Syrtik was the leader of a Galantos Guard Y-wing squadron during the later stages of the Yuuzhan Vong War.

The Galantos Guard was under the command of Chief Councilor Jobath Knox at the time. Jobath had made a deal with the Peace Brigade to withdraw from the New Republic in exchange for a massive genocidal assault on Galantos' most despised enemies, the Yevetha, by the Yuuzhan Vong. Soon after the Yuuzhan Vong attacked N'zoth and exterminated the Yevetha, it soon became apparent that Galantos would be its next target.

The Galactic Alliance frigate Pride of Selonia was in orbit around Galantos, conducting a mission on behalf of Leia Organa Solo. Pride and Twin Suns Squadron attempted to defend Galnatos from the Yuuzhan Vong attack, but Jobath remained unwilling to accept their aid.

Syrtik and his squadron launched from the planet and contacted Captain Todra Mayn and Jagged Fel, stating that he was proceeding without orders and that he would defer command to the Galactic Alliance and help however he could. Jag assigned the Galantos Guard squadrons Indigo, Cerise and Reseda, which he misidentified as Blue, Green and Red. After the military action, Syrtik admitted it was unclear whether the squadron would be court-martialed.


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