The Systech aural blaster was a sonic blaster pistol designed by the Systech Corporation. Designed by Systech Corporation weapons manufacturing company, it was an awkward weapon, which was difficult to wield without special training. Shaped like a pistol with auxiliary sonic emitters attached to either side of the barrel, the aural blaster could deafen a target with a successful hit. Though inferior in damage potential to traditional blasters, the blaster's design made it a viable weapon, with its deafening and disorientating capabilities. This weapon dealt a type of damage called sonic damage which meant it could not be deflected by a lightsaber as a normal blaster bolt could.[1]

It was said that Loppak Slusk, an Exchange boss on Telos IV during the First Jedi Purge, was known to have wielded this type of blaster.

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This blaster's name is misspelled as "Aurial blaster" in the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Guide.



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