The Systems Army Delta was one of the ten Systems Armies that composed the Grand Army of the Republic during the Clone Wars.


The Systems Army Delta consisted of 294,912 clone troopers and was commanded by a High Jedi General,[2] a role filled at this level by a member of the Jedi High Council.[1] This Systems Army was composed of two Sector Armies.[1]

The Systems Army Delta received its designation from the Tionese letter Delta.[3]


Systems Armies Delta, Epsilon and Zeta divided the northern quadrant of the galaxy into six Sector Armies

During the Clone Wars, Systems Armies Delta, Epsilon and Zeta were assigned to the northern quadrant of the galaxy. These three Systems Armies were divided into six Sector Armies: the Seventh Army, the Eighth Army, the Ninth Army, the Tenth Army, the Eleventh Army and the Twelfth Army.[1]


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