Syub Snunb was a Sullustan military officer of the Rebel Alliance and New Republic.


Snunb began his military career as a security chief of several cargo barges in the SoroSuub Corporation's merchant navy, eventually transferring to the Sullustan Home Guard. He proved effective in the Home Guard, and was second only to the Home Guard Commodore. He was largely apolitical, following whatever dictates SoroSuub passed down.

Following the successful overthrow of Sullust's pro-Imperial junta and the subsequent alignment of Sullust with the Rebel Alliance, Snunb was selected to meet the Rebel Command Fleet at Obica and lead it to Sullust, which was used as the gathering point before the Battle of Endor. As a sign of good faith, they gave him command of Antares Six.

He remained in the New Republic Defense Force, where he gained a reputation for running an efficient ship. In 10 ABY led Antares Six into the Second Battle of Coruscant to rescue the stranded crew of Liberator. He was the first to spot the Force storm that disrupted the battle and transported Luke Skywalker to Byss.

As a Commander, he was selected as an inaugural officer of the New Republic Fifth Battle Group, serving as commanding officer of the modified Nebula-class Star Destroyer Resolve.

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Included in Snunb's Sullustese dialog in Dark Empire are the words "Eihcra Niwdoog," which is the name of celebrated Star Wars comic strip and Marvel Comics author Archie Goodwin spelled backwards.

"Syub" is a male Sullustan name meaning "industrious" and "Snunb" is a female Sullustan name meaning "popular."[1]



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