"Nord, listen. Don't worry about the other ships. Why don't you watch the security patrols and tell me when they swap shifts, and I'll worry about Haathi-stuff."
"Define 'Haathi-stuff'."
"Everything else."
"That's what worries me."
―Haathi and Dren Nord converse on Zelos II[1]

T'Charek Haathi was a Wroonian female who served the Alliance to Restore the Republic as both a starfighter pilot and Special Operations team leader. Born on the planet Wroona, Haathi deplored stability and being bored. She served with the Wroonian defense force, but the rigidity of military life led Haathi and her unit to go rogue and target Imperial shipping. The squadron was decimated in a reprisal attack from the Empire, and Haathi eventually joined the Alliance shortly after the Battle of Yavin alongside two Humans she had met on the planet Rodaj: former Imperial soldier Ivhin Jayme, and technical genius Morgan Q. Raventhorn. A stint in the Alliance's Starfighter Corps led to the same problems that Haathi had encountered serving with the Wroonians, although she was regarded as one of the Alliance's top pilots.

As she faced discipline and authority problems, Haathi's superiors decided to transfer her to Special Operations, where she could use her considerable skill-set in a more unregulated atmosphere. Haathi recruited her friends Jayme and Raventhorn into her new team, and they came to specialize in stealing starships. The team was highly successful, and Haathi found her place in the Alliance. Accompanied by a Human medic, Dren Nord, the team stole a YT-1300 light freighter, The Maker, from a spaceport on the planet Zelos II. Taking the ship to an Alliance drop point on the planet Gelgelar, the team was forced to face the Doom Slayer, an experimental assassin droid that the ship's previous owner, the Sluissi Sythluss Leethe, had created and kept aboard the vessel. Although defeated, the Doom Slayer had a self-destruct mechanism built in; the team barely escaped from the drop point in The Maker before the installation was destroyed, though they managed to evacuate most of the base personnel.


Early life[]

T'Charek Haathi, a Wroonian female, was born on the planet Wroona[1] in the Inner Rim.[3] In her youth, Haathi worked with her grandmother, who ran a successful shipping company on Wroona. Haathi hated being both stable and predictable, and craved excitement and adventure; the work left her constantly bored. She applied to the Imperial Academy in an effort to find some excitement, despite the fact that she knew she would be subject to constant prejudice due to being both female and non-Human. Her application was denied, but she was recruited by the Wroonian defense force when she was eighteen. A year later, Haathi was a qualified starfighter pilot operating within a squadron. However, regimented life in the military was not to Haathi's tastes either, as her duties mainly consisted of patrolling Wroona. Eventually, her squadron went rogue and began raiding Imperial corporate ships. Their assaults were bold, but they drew the attention of the Imperial Navy, who struck back against Haathi's unit. The squadron was decimated, but Haathi survived the assault and managed to make it to the planet Rodaj in the Inner Rim. There, she found work as a miner and struck up a friendship with two Humans: former Imperial soldier Ivhin Jayme, and former scout and technician Morgan Q. Raventhorn. Feeling down in her current situation, Haathi and Jayme decided that they would join the Rebellion, and convinced Raventhorn to go with them.[1]

Rebel Alliance service[]

"Would you like me to say this for the eighty billionth time? Rebellion needs ships. We steal ship. Take home to base."
―T'Charek Haathi, to Dren Nord[1]

Colonel Arik Stijhl, who butted heads with Haathi during her time as a Flight Instructor

Haathi and her companions enlisted with the Rebel Alliance shortly after the Battle of Yavin in 0 BBY, and she was assigned to the Alliance Starfighter Corps flying a BTL Y-wing starfighter. Although her experience and abilities made Haathi one of the Alliance's best pilots, her carefree attitude towards regulations and her impulsiveness grated on her superior officers. The Alliance was in retreat following the Battle of Yavin, hiding from Imperial forces and regrouping their strength. Haathi found the situation monotonous and livened up her duties by sabotaging her Y-wing's systems at random just to see how well she could fly without them, yelling "Eject!" into open comm channels simply to find who would trigger their ejection seat, and constantly referring to her commanding officer as "Admiral Nerf" just to see how long it would take for him to get mad. Haathi endured several suspensions from flight duty, which just made her more bored and annoying to others than she already was, and finally her commanding officer began to ignore her completely rather than punish her.[1]

At some point, Haathi was made a flight instructor and posted to a training base. There, she came into conflict with the local Human quartermaster, Arik Stijhl. Stijhl, a veteran logistics officer, was a stickler for regulations and timetables, and Haathi was the complete opposite. Her training sessions often called for the unauthorized requisition of supplies, which, in Stijhl's mind, undermined his authority as the base's supply officer.[4] Eventually, her superiors decided to transfer her to Special Operations. They saw it as a double positive situation—the Rebellion would be able to retain Haathi's considerable skills, but the Starfighter Corps would be rid of her. Haathi agreed to the reassignment.[1]

Placed in command of a Special Ops team, Haathi immediately recruited her former colleagues Ivhin Jayme and Morgan Raventhorn into her squad, along with a medic. Haathi's team was based out of an Alliance base on the planet Derricon,[1] in the Spirva sector of the Mid Rim,[3] and engaged in shipjacking operations. Although answerable to the base commander on the world, Haathi and her team were allowed free rein once off-base. Her actions in the field earned her a promotion from Captain to Major. Over the course of six months, Haathi either fired or lost eight medics in turn until she was assigned Dren Nord, a Human former surgeon with the Alliance Fleet, despite her protests. Haathi was assured that Nord had experience of field work, but she had her doubts.[1]

Zelos II[]
"Fine. Okay, I just want you to know, I think this is a bad idea."
"Don't you?"
"No. I know this is a bad idea."
"Then why don't we call it off before anybody breaks into anything and, ah…anybody gets, you know, shot?"
"It's too late for that. He called to me."
"Who called to you? 'Master Fate?'"
"Him. The ship. It said, 'T'Charek! T'Charek! Save me from these ugly black market nerf-heads! I need a real pilot inside me. I need a rewiring job.' What am I supposed to say? 'No? Sorry, ship, but my new med-tech thinks we should get that slag heap to your left because nobody's guarding it and there aren't any security alarms wired to it?' Is that what I should say to that ship out there? Look at him!"
―Dren Nord and T'Charek Haathi, discussing Haathi's method of target selection[1]

T'Charek Haathi surveys her target.

In search of starships to procure for the Alliance, Haathi took the team to Zelos II,[1] a planet in the Tyus sector of the Mid Rim.[3] Targeting a spaceport, the team acquired stolen technician uniforms and obtained a set of the installation's remodeling plans that provided information on its security systems. Haathi's plan called for infiltrating the spaceport at night to take advantage of the native Zelosians' pathological fear of the dark. She reasoned that the spaceport guards would be more concerned with the darkness around them and thinking of the moment that their shift would end, rather than be focused on actually guarding the spaceport. Using the stolen uniforms and forged work orders to fool Humanoid and droid personnel alike, the team infiltrated the base, and Haathi evaluated the potential targets. Out of hundreds of ships in the spaceport, there were dozens of YT-1300 light freighters—top of the Alliance's list of ships to procure—berthed in the spaceport. At least two were relatively unguarded, while a third was located beneath a guard tower, in full view of several security cameras, and surrounded by a forcefield cube, a mesh-link power fence, and a blast wall. Haathi, seeing both the inherent challenge and pure excitement in stealing the most heavily guarded ship in the spaceport, selected it as their target.[1]

Haathi led Jayme and Nord to a maintenance tower overlooking the freighter while Raventhorn ascended a lighting tower; her task was to splice into the spaceport's systems to rewire the security camera covering the vessel to display a computer-generated video of the light freighter's docking bay with the ship undisturbed to mask the team's approach. Haathi and Nord monitored the spaceport's security patrols from the maintenance tower to make sure that they did not discover Raventhorn and blow her cover. Meanwhile, Jayme rewired the backup security computers located in the maintenance tower so that the unit would be under the team's complete control. From their hiding spot, Nord questioned Haathi's decision to take the most heavily guarded ship in the spaceport; her response—that taking any other vessel would have been boring—left him unconvinced.[1]

Raventhorn completed her task, and began playing the fake video over the security monitors. With the cameras disabled, Haathi ordered Jayme to head down to the docking bay while Raventhorn attached a Scomp-Spiker to the security systems. When Jayme signaled that he was in position, Raventhorn triggered the device, sending a power surge through the main security computer that temporarily disabled the forcefield cube and power fence encircling the ship. The spaceport's systems rerouted to the backup computer that Jayme had rigged earlier; the modifications made to the unit kept the security systems offline for a short time before the auxiliary power kicked in and re-established both the forcefield and power fence. Jayme pole-vaulted the fence and wall, landing just as the power to the security fields was reactivated. Inside the docking bay, Jayme relayed the ship's identification numbers to Haathi, who identified the vessel as The Maker, owned by a Sluissi called Sythluss Leethe.[1]

Haathi is shocked by the stun steps on The Maker.

Using a VoiceBox, Jayme deactivated the security systems from inside to admit Haathi and the rest of the team. Momentarily lost in admiring the ship, Haathi soon ordered Raventhorn to begin work on disabling the freighter's security systems while Jayme and Nord kept an eye on the security patrols. Soon enough, Raventhorn announced that the security systems would be disabled once she had disconnected the stun steps. Haathi, in her enthusiasm to take the ship, had only heard that the defenses were down and began bounding up the entry ramp. The freighter's stun steps triggered as her foot touched the ramp, generating an electromagnetic neuro-shock field that knocked her unconscious and sent her flying backwards. Haathi came to rest in the open, and Jayme ordered Raventhorn to get Haathi under cover quickly. Nord, meanwhile, abandoned cover to see if Haathi required his assistance and was was spotted by one of the security guards on the catwalks above. A ladder from the catwalks was lowered into the bay, and the security guards descended, firing on the Special Ops team.[1]

Haathi regained consciousness to find herself under The Maker, protected from the incoming fire by the entry ramp. She had no feeling in her legs, and Raventhorn told her to stay put before disappearing. As feeling began to return to her legs, Haathi maneuvered herself to survey the situation. The guards were trading laser fire with her team, who were in cover behind cargo crates. No member of her team had been injured yet, despite the fact that the guards' blasters were set to kill while her team were firing stun blasts. Haathi started to wonder if the effort to take The Maker had been worth it; catching herself and refusing to think along those lines, she resolved not to let the guards rob her of her prize and issued orders to fall back to the ship. Suddenly, Nord, having set his own weapon to kill, hit one of the security guards. Haathi immediately ordered him to switch back to the stun setting, which he refused to do unless she could get them out of trouble. Haathi ordered Jayme to stun him; when the commando began to comply, Nord ducked into cover and followed orders.[1]

The guards in the docking bay began to thin out, as several had retreated to the upper level, where they were better positioned than Haathi's team. Haathi ordered Raventhorn to finish disabling the stun steps so they could board the ship and escape. As Raventhorn worked, a security guard opened fire on her. The technician was blocking Haathi's line of sight to the guard, preventing her from using her own weapon to neutralize him. Haathi feared the worst until Raventhorn hit the guard with two cables attached to the stun steps, stunning him with an electromagnetic neuro-shock field. Seeing this, Haathi ordered Raventhorn to use the cables to charge the metal ladder rungs, which in turn sent the stun blast surging through the metal catwalk attached to it. The neuro-shock field stunned the remaining guards.[1]

As the team began to fall back to The Maker, Jayme helped Haathi to her feet and into the ship. Heading for the cockpit, the team were confronted with a sealed hatch. Haathi groaned, Raventhorn began to figure out a way past it, and Jayme simply attached detonite tape to the door, then used a shot from his blaster to detonate it. The resulting explosion disengaged the hatch's locking mechanism, admitting Haathi into the cockpit. Dropping into the pilot's seat, Haathi rerouted all power to the engines and launched the freighter as security reinforcements took pot shots at the departing ship.[1]

"I just gave clearance at Ready-One to a light freighter."
"It's registered as The Maker. The call-sign belongs to a Major T'Charek—"
"That's right. [Pause] Sir?"
"Yes, Kovings."
"I should have said 'no' to her request, right?"
"No, it's okay. You shouldn't have said 'no.' You should have opened fire."
Lieutenant Bendlar Kovings and Colonel Stijhl discuss Haathi's arrival on Gelgelar[4]

Haathi's latest acquisition, The Maker

Haathi flew The Maker to an Alliance drop point on the planet Gelgelar,[4] in the Elrood sector of the Outer Rim Territories.[3] The drop point was commanded by Arik Stijhl, and Haathi's main reason for stopping at the base was solely to show off her new ship and promotion to Major to him. Stijhl begrudgingly welcomed Haathi, Jayme, and Nord to Gelgelar, where Haathi was disappointed to learn that Stijhl was no longer a Major himself, and had since been promoted to Colonel. Haathi claimed to need supplies to cover her true reason for visiting; Stijhl summoned his Human administrative aide, Maglenna Pendower, to take their requisition needs. Raventhorn, who had been working on the freighter's faulty power grid, commed Haathi to inform her of something. Just as she was about to, static erupted from the comm, and the entire ship lost power. As the emergency lighting kicked in, Pendower headed straight for the maintenance bay where Raventhorn was working. Haathi ordered Jayme to follow Pendower, then headed off the ship in search of Nord, who had exited the ship just after meeting Stijhl.[4]

After finding Nord, Haathi returned to The Maker to find that Pendower had revived Raventhorn, who had been seemingly electrified by a surge from the power grid. Pendower believed it was clearly an accident, but Jayme disagreed. While Pendower helped Nord to take Raventhorn to the drop point's medical bay, Jayme followed his hunch that Raventhorn's mishap had not been accidental. Haathi, meanwhile, attempted to repair The Maker's power grid. Unable to understand Raventhorn's notes on the original malfunction, Haathi was relieved when Stijhl offered assistance in the form of Sergeant Nofre Ecls, a Sullustan engineer. While Stijhl left to investigate a commotion outside, Haathi and Ecls began to work on the power grid. Ecls was of the opinion that she would need to rewire the entire grid to get the ship functional again, a job that would take several days. Haathi suggested just hot-wiring the ship, but Ecls advised against it since a single power surge would destroy the entire freighter. The Major was forced to order the Sullustan engineer to rewire the power grid.[4]

Haathi and Ihvim Jayme help Maglenna Pendower aboard The Maker.

Outside, an experimental assassin droid, the Doom Slayer, had been activated. Hidden aboard The Maker by its creator, Sythluss Leethe, it began its primary mission of wiping out all organic lifeforms in the immediate area. Jayme had been correct in his assumption that Raventhorn's mishap was not an accident and had begun tracking the droid and combating it alongside the drop point's security personnel. The droid had locked the base's hangar doors and scrambled the comm channels. Stijhl ordered an evacuation of the base, directing the base personnel to board The Maker to make their escape. Haathi and Ecls succeeded in restoring power to the ship, and the freighter began to fill up with wounded personnel. Haathi found a pilot and told him to go to the cockpit and take off the minute the engines came back on-line. Haathi went to the boarding ramp, exposing herself to acrid smoke while she waited for any sign of her team. Nord appeared shortly thereafter, supporting an injured Stijhl. Haathi helped him bring the Colonel aboard, inquiring if Nord had seen the others, which he had not. The ship's repulsorlifts began to fire just as Haathi saw Jayme, Raventhorn, and Pendower, each supporting the other as they tried to run for the ship. Haathi helped the three aboard just as The Maker lifted off. Jayme had succeeded in defeating the Doom Slayer, but the assassin droid had been equipped with a self-destruct mechanism. The Maker smashed through the closed hangar doors, speeding away from the drop point as the bomb exploded and destroyed the base.[4]

On board a medical frigate, Haathi and her team learned the origins of the assassin droid, and Stijhl reprimanded them for the loss of the supplies located at the drop point, which included 6 industrial-grade power generators, 600 medical field packs, 82 perimeter sensors, 8 B1-series worker droids, and 200 blaster packs. He then informed them that they were going on an acquisition run to recover the losses. Haathi agreed on the condition that Pendower—who had impressed Haathi by helping to treat Raventhorn and assisting Jayme—was assigned to her team in place of Nord, who had not lived up to her standards. Stijhl agreed to the transfer and allowed the team to leave.[4]

Personality and traits[]

"T'Charek! How many fingers am I holding up?"
"How many fingers?"
"Close enough."
―Morgan Raventhorn tests Haathi's reactions after the latter is stunned[1]

T'Charek Haathi was an easygoing, quick-witted woman who enjoyed having fun and taking chances. Easily bored, she loathed stability and predictability and was always on the lookout for opportunities that would challenge and excite her.[1] In personality, she was a typical energetic, carefree, Wroonian who relished finding new challenges.[5] Considered to be short for her species, Haathi stood as tall as an average Human female. Enthusiastic and impulsive, she had a flippant manner which often annoyed other beings. Haathi had a problem with authority figures, but was herself a natural leader. Despite this, she was not power hungry and hated pulling rank on others unless the situation necessitated it, mainly because she feared becoming the authority figure that she had always opposed. A capable tactician and planner, Haathi was not opposed to listening to the suggestions of her team when it came to mission planning. She trusted two of her team—Ivhin Jayme and Morgan Raventhorn—implicitly and made a conscious effort to give Dren Nord the benefit of the doubt when he first joined her unit,[1] but when he failed to measure up to her standards, she quickly sought a replacement for him.[4] Despite her trust in her friends' skills, she worried about them and placed their well-being above the needs of the Rebel Alliance,[1] such as when Raventhorn needed better medical attention than a drop point could provide.[4] Haathi was reluctant to use lethal force when it was not necessary, as she refused to authorize her team to kill the guards at the Zelos II spaceport despite the fact that they were using kill shots instead of stun blasts against them. She became angry when one of her team, Nord, disregarded her order and used his blaster's kill setting. She went as far as ordering Jayme to stun him to prevent Nord from doing further harm.[1]

A skilled pilot, Haathi specialized in flying Y-wing starfighters and was fully capable of repairing them when the need arose. She was trained to fly space transports, and could use the weapon, shield, and sensor systems on them effectively. She was able to repair ships and their weapons, and could repair capital ships. Haathi was able to navigate through hyperspace, and she was particularly knowledgeable about locations in the Inner Rim. She knew about business and had an interest in alien languages and planetary systems. Haathi's work as a Special Operations operative naturally lent itself to undercover work, and she was able to use her skills to either intimidate or persuade individuals into revealing information, or to con them out of something. She could use her talents to research and investigate potential targets, figuring out the best way to obtain what she needed.[1]

Working as a ship jacker, Haathi was particularly adept at determining the value of starships, and she had a working knowledge of law enforcement procedures and security systems. Haathi carried two weapons, a blaster pistol, and a heavy blaster pistol, and knew how to wield them effectively. She could repair her weapons, and was skilled in the use of vehicle-mounted blasters. She was trained in unarmed combat. Usually, Haathi carried a comlink in addition to her weapons, as well as several fake ident chits.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

T'Charek Haathi first appeared in Special Ops: Ship Jackers, in issue 13 of West End Games' Star Wars Adventure Journal, the first in a series of articles detailing the Alliance Special Operations. Haathi made a second appearance in Special Ops: Drop Points in the following issue. Haathi's adventure's were due to continue in Special Ops: The Art of Infiltration, to be published in issue 17, but the Adventure Journal was cancelled before the issue was released. All three installments were written by John Beyer and Kathy Burdette. Haathi later had an entry in 2008's The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia.

Cut content[]

For a week after the incident on Gelgelar, Haathi and her team remained under medical supervision on the frigate, where Haathi spent most of the time worrying about the injuries that Jayme and Pendower had suffered, or checking to make sure that Raventhorn had not gone back into cardiac arrest. Haathi herself required six hours on a ventilator to combat the effects of breathing in too much toxic smoke.[6]

Two weeks later, Haathi and her team headed to the planet Laertos. An Imperial supply depot was under construction on the world, and Haathi had devised a plan to infiltrate the base and steal a super freighter loaded with supplies. Intelligence from General Crix Madine indicated that the base's security consisted of a two-meter mesh fence, two guards, and around a hundred construction workers. On arrival, it was discovered that the base was undergoing a major upgrade into a full garrison, and was protected by a fully-charged mesh-link fence, minefield, and heavy laser turrets with a clear field of vision. Undeterred, Haathi, Raventhorn, and Pendower posed as picnicking locals in the woods surrounding the base, distracting a five-man patrol and allowing Jayme to incapacitate all five using a Tranq 25 HV Pistol modified for use as a carbine. Relieving the troopers of their uniforms and equipments, the team stole the patrol's patrol speeder and infiltrated the facility, which forced Haathi to use green camouflage field paint to disguise her blue skin.[6]

With Pendower posing as a major, the team headed to the administration building. During the infiltration, Haathi switched the plan. Instead of hijacking a super freighter, Haathi had Pendower change the routing orders for future shipments of high-value material and equipment to be delivered to small, out of the way Imperial bases close to Alliance outposts that could then be raided with minimal effort. To cover their tracks, Haathi had Jayme and Raventhorn blow up the obvious parts of the base that an inexperienced terrorist would target. However, both teams were caught in the act by Imperial security forces under the command of Captain Edmond Mylesgood, who had been alerted to a possible unauthorized presence on the base when the patrol that Haathi's team had impersonated failed to follow proper procedure and check in. A lightfight ensued, but the team was able to extradite themselves from danger and exfiltrate from the base.[6]


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