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"You don't understand…T'ongor was my brother. There's a bond that's special among twins of our people. When he died, I could…feel it. I owe that monster. I owe her for my family's honor. And now that she's back, this is my chance."
―T'onga, to Losha regarding T'ongor and Nakano Lash[src]

T'onga was a human female bounty hunter who was the twin sister of fellow hunter T'ongor. T'onga eventually left the life of bounty hunting behind and lived as a farmer on the Moon of Logal Ri with Losha. After learning that T'ongor was killed, T'onga was deeply affected, and blamed her brother's former ally, Nakano Lash, for his death. When Lash resurfaced with a bounty on her head, T'onga swore to hunt her down and departed the moon, leaving Losha behind.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Life as a hunter[edit | edit source]

"What do you think, brother? Should we help him?"
"I agree with Jhorstek. Not our problem."
―T'onga and T'ongor[src]

Born as the twin to T'ongor, T'onga and her brother worked in the galaxy as bounty hunters.[1] The two siblings were associates of the Nautolan hunter Nakano Lash, accompanying her to discuss business with the Abednedo technician Jhorstek[2] at some point after 10 BBY.[3] As they talked in Phelar Port[2] on the planet[4] Eriadu, the criminals noticed a young thief plead for help as he was apprehended by stormtroopers. Although Lash wanted to help the child, Jhorstek cautioned against it, not wanting to be arrested. When T'onga asked her brother if they should help the boy, he sided with the Abednedo. The group looked on as the ex-Imperial soldier Beilert Valance rose up to attack the troopers. Lash then came to Valance's aid, helping the cyborg when he was shot down.[2]

Avenging her brother[edit | edit source]

"Don't worry…if I fail, there won't be anything left to bury."
―T'onga, to Losha before departing[src]

At some point later, T'ongor was killed after a botched mission[1] on the planet[5] Corellia. Although she was not involved with the mission, T'onga was able to feel her brother's death as it happened and blamed Lash, who was responsible for the mission's failure. T'onga later retired from bounty hunting, became a farmer, and settled on the Moon of Logal Ri with her lover Losha, promising her companion that she would never return to the life of a hunter.[1] Around 3 ABY,[6] Lash resurfaced following a period of hiding with a large bounty on her head, attracting the attention of several bounty hunters.[1]

T'onga left Losha behind despite the farmer's pleadings.

When T'onga learned about the Nautolan's resurgence, she attempted to depart the moon to hunt Lash down before being stopped by Losha, who wished for her to stay behind and live the rest of her days as a farmer. After touching foreheads with Losha, T'onga explained the special bond she had with her brother, stating that she felt his death and wanted to restore her family's honor by exacting her revenge on Lash as a result. Despite Losha reminding T'onga of the hunter's promise to retire from bounty hunting, she told the farmer not to worry and stated that there would not anything left to bury if she were to fail, before leaving on her starship.[1]

T'onga traveled to Dotharian, where the headquarters of the Mourner's Wail Syndicate was located, seeking information on Lash's return. After infiltrating the fortress and killing several guards, she was apprehended by Lord Khamdek, the leader of the Syndicate. Khamdek, who assumed she had come to assassinate him, was impressed by her skills, and allowed her to speak before he would have her killed. T'onga kneeled before him and vowed to kill Lash for the Syndicate, as the Nautolan was also responsible for the death of Khamdek's son, Khamus. She requested all the information the Mourner's Wail had in regards to Lash, promising to avenge both Khamus and T'ongor.[2]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

"Give me your files of every reported sighting you've collected over the years. I will find something they all missed. I will find her. And I will avenge your son…and my brother."
―T'onga, to Lord Khamdek[src]

T'onga was a human female with black hair, brown eyes and dark skin. As a retired bounty hunter and farmer, T'onga deeply cared for her brother, maintaining a bond that she considered "special" among the twins of her people. When leaving the Moon of Logal Ri, she stated to Losha that she felt T'ongor's death and vowed to hunt his killer down to restore her family's honor, going so far as to break her original promise of living as a farmer.[1]

Equipment[edit | edit source]

While leaving the Moon of Logal Ri, T'onga wore a green shirt under a brown coat and a blue scarf around her neck. She also wore brown pants and black boots with a holster around her waist. T'onga possessed at least two weapons, one that was holstered on her right hip and another that she wrapped in cloth. Boarding her personal starship, she carried a black backpack with her.[1] She also possessed gadgets given to her by the technician Jhorstek, which allowed her to set off proximity alarms within the Fortress of the Mourner's Wail.[2]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

T'onga first appeared in the first issue of Star Wars: Bounty Hunters, a comic book series written by Ethan Sacks, illustrated by Paolo Villanelli, and published by Marvel Comics[1] on March 11, 2020.[7]

Appearances[edit | edit source]

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Notes and references[edit | edit source]

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