The T-6 "Thunderer" was a heavy blaster pistol manufactured by BlasTech Industries in response to the creation of the Renegade heavy blaster pistol by the SoroSuub Corporation. The "Thunderer" was created with the sole purpose of surpassing its rivals in pure power, and allowed BlasTech to claim the title "king of the blaster wars".[1]


The T-6 "Thunderer"

The T-6 "Thunderer" was extremely bulky and heavy, and remained just under the size limit to be considered a pistol. Its potential for inflicting damage was high, and packed a powerful shot with minimal kick-back. However, the barrel wasn't always capable of handling the blaster's power, and some were known to warp if the owner didn't allow time for the barrel to cool between shots. If this occurred during a firefight, the prismatic crystals,[1] which focused the weapon,[2] could become misaligned, causing the weapon to explode.[1] The T-6 had capacity for twenty-five shots, and had a range of up to fifty meters. It cost seven hundred and fifty credits, with an additional twenty-five for a power pack.[1]

The "Thunderer" was comparable in size and punch to a blaster carbine, or even a rifle, and was sometimes classified as such by planets that restricted those weapons. It even possessed a flip-down barrel support that allowed it to be used as a carbine. The "Thunderer" possessed no stun setting, but dealt a great deal of damage.[source?]


The T-6 heavy blaster pistol was first produced to compete with the SoroSuub Corporation's Renegade heavy blaster pistol,[2] with the intention of surpassing its rivals in terms of sheer power.[1] Its power helped BlasTech win the so-called "blaster wars" between itself, SoroSuub, and Merr-Sonn Munitions, Inc.,[2] allowing BlasTech to claim the title "king of the blaster wars".[1] The T-6 was marketed as the ultimate superheavy blaster,[2] a designation which the Caliban Model X and the DT-57 heavy blaster pistol shared,[source?] and became known as the "Thunderer" among soldiers.[2] It was often used by rogues, smugglers, and other criminals, and was regarded as the premiere off-the-shelf blaster pistol at the time of the Yuuzhan Vong War.[source?]


  • Crucible (First appearance)(As "T-6 blaster pistol")


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