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This article is non-canon within the canon continuity.

This article covers a subject from a Star Wars: Visions story that Lucasfilm declared is set in an alternate history within a reimagined galaxy.

"My name is Tobi! And I'm a Jedi!"

T0-B1 was a Force-sensitive droid that dreamed of being a Jedi.[2]

He was originally a human male named Tobi, a member of the Jedi Order and Padawan to Mitaka. Although Tobi died during the Great Jedi Purge following Order 66, Mitaka placed his soul inside a droid named T0-B1. T0-B1 was Force-sensitive, powered by a Kyber crystal, and aspired to become a Jedi.[3]

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Early Life[]

As a human, his human counterpart, Tobi was originally a member of the Jedi Order and a Padawan to Mitaka before Order 66 killed him from the Great Jedi Purge. Surviving the purge, Mitaka put the soul of his Padawan inside the droid T0-B1 and would later focus on researching the biologic life of planets, starting with an uninhabited planet with a compound full of working droids including C03.

Personality and traits[]

Despite being a droid, T0-B1 is passionate about his dream to become a Jedi and will do anything to make it come true. During the fight, he becomes determined and brave like a true Jedi would. But as a kid, he is shown to have the traits of a child would. Unlike the other droids like C-3PO, T0-B1 is described as funny, lovable, and helpful to his follow droids and his master Mitaka.

Behind the scenes[]

"It's a cute and fun story of an adorable droid who dreams to be a Jedi."
―Kanako Shirasaki[2]

T0-B1 appeared in the Star Wars: Visions short of the same name, produced by Science SARU. He was voiced by Masako Nozawa in the original Japanese and by Jaden Waldman in the English dub. As Visions shorts are not required to "tie into the larger chronology" of the current continuity, it is unclear whether T0-B1 exists in the canon continuity.[2] Designed after classic anime characters[4], T0-B1's name is likely a play on Tobio, the original human name of Astro Boy, whom the character, and his story, resembles.[source?]


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