"T1-N1? What are you doing out here? You're not supposed to leave the mainframe. I think somebody needs a memory wipe. Yeaaaargh!"
Czerka Security Guard[src]

T1-N1 was a T1-series utility droid that was owned by Czerka executive Jana Lorso of the Citadel Station branch of the Czerka Corporation in 3951 BBY.


"Farewell, T1-N1. Please do not abuse my trust and fire on the personnel while I am occupied, thereby creating a diversion that allows me to escape with stolen files."

T1-N1 was a T1-series utility droid, owned by the Czerka Corporation and placed in charge of maintaining, and securing the Citadel branch's closed circuit mainframe. To do so T1-N1 was equipped with various illegal modifications, including a blaster integrated into his chassis. When Lorso's personal assistance droid B-4D4-GE3 was reprogrammed to steal incriminating evidence on Lorso from the mainframe to present to the Telosian government, T1-N1 quickly became suspicious. To prevent T1-N1 from exposing him, B-4D4 revealed to him that he had broken his behavioral inhibitors years ago by knowingly allowing his owner Lorso to harm sentient life, and that Opo Chano regularly gave him memory wipes to prevent him from realizing this fact and going berserk. After this revelation, T1-N1 excitedly broke out of the mainframe and began firing indiscriminately on all Czerka employees that stood between him and his escape.

Later, he and B-4D4 would both escape the corporation and sneak aboard a shuttle bound for Nar Shaddaa, the only transport they could find where they could disguise themselves as cargo.


"What do you mean, 'What am I looking at?' Hey, it's not my fault they built you no taller than a refresher bowl."
Meetra Surik[src]

While many utility droids were infamous for developing personality quirks, T1-N1 was both aggressive and unstable. In addition to that he also suffered from a "small-man" syndrome which made him hostile towards any sentient taller than himself, which was usually everyone.

Behind the scenesEdit

In cut content, if the player allowed the right conditions for B-4D4 to escape Czerka, he and T1-N1 were meant to reach Nar Shaddaa and find employment in Vogga the Hutt's warehouse. The duo took the place of C7-E3-GE3 guarding the door that lead to Vogga's transponder codes, and after T3-M4 commented on his height he became berserk and was destroyed in the ensuing battle.

Despite differing in form and function from T1-LB, the two contemporary droids share a very similar name.


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