«It blew up? Huh, I thought I'd taken care of that little cross-wiring problem.»
―Janice Nall, to Revan after T3-H8's destruction[3]

T3-H8 was a T3-series utility droid with masculine programming that was located on the Outer Rim city world of Taris during the Jedi Civil War. The droid was owned by the Twi'lek female Janice Nall and put up for sale for fifty credits in her Upper City droid shop.[3] Like other T3-series utility droids, he was manufactured by Duwani Mechanical Products[2] and had a height of 0.96 meters.[4] He had brown and yellow plating and blue, yellow, and red sensors. The droid had a cross-wiring problem, which Nall assumed she had fixed.[3]

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In 3956 BBY,[1] the former Sith Lord Revan, who lost his memories and believed himself to be a Republic soldier, purchased the droid from Nall. Upon leaving her store, the droid exploded due to its cross-wiring. Revan returned to Nall and told her of the situation. Nall refunded Revan the fifty credits, wanting to run an honest business and maintain her reputation.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

«What? I offer you a full refund and you want more? Business is tough enough as it is… you should be glad I'm giving you a refund at all!»
―Janice Nall to Revan in potential dialogue[3]

T3-H8 appeared in the 2003 video game Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, developed by BioWare. Interactions with him are optional and do not affect quests. The player is not required to purchase the droid. If they choose to purchase him, he will be destroyed in an unavoidable cutscene when the player walks out of the shop. Upon his destruction, the player may return to Nall to get a refund. She initially offers the full fifty credits, but the player has the option of haggling or threatening Nall to increase it to seventy-five. The latter action grants the player points towards the dark side of the Force.[3]


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