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TDF104 was the class name of the pirate ship owned by Captain Oxus; Imperial pilots referred to them as "Corellian Gypsy vessels". Oxus's ship was stolen by Han Solo, Chewbacca and Montross Holdaack, members of its crew, to take Luke Starkiller and his droids to Ogana Major.


A TDF104 was an elongated, complex-looking ship. A lounge area in the center of the vessel served also as the main entrance, and a ramp extended from it to the surface to allow crew and passengers to board. The cockpit of a TDF104 accommodated two pilots. Between the lounge and the cockpit was a long corridor with a control panel which transmitted electronic signals to and from the pilots' stations to the fuselage.

TDF104s were equipped with powerful scanning systems and life pods. Two turrets held laser cannons.



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