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The TIE/Ad x7, also known as the TIE/Ad Defender, defender starfighter, TIE/x7, or the TIE advanced x7, was a prototype TIE Series starfighter developed by Sienar Fleet Systems shortly before the Battle of Endor. A highly-advanced starfighter, the TIE/Ad x7 was considered a radical departure from previous TIE designs in terms of appearance and performance. The fighter was only built as a prototype for the later TIE/D Defender model on the planet Corulag, and featured three solar collectors evenly spaced around the cockpit pod, with triple arrays of maneuvering jets as well. The power boost allowed it to reach far greater speeds than standard TIE fighters, but the prototype lacked the ion cannons, missile launchers, and hyperdrive that would make its way into the finalized TIE Defender.


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