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The TIE/ph "Phantom" Multi-Role Stealth Starfighter, also known simply as the TIE/ph phantom or the TIE phantom, was a class of stealth starfighter that was deployed by the Galactic Empire during the Imperial Era.


The TIE/ph "Phantom" Multi-Role Stealth Starfighter, or known as the TIE/ph phantom or TIE phantom, was a class of stealth starfighter that was produced by Sienar Fleet Systems that cost 365,000 credits. The TIE phantom was a stark departure from the other starfighters of the TIE line, as its cockpit was a truncated cone that was similar to the ones on Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-series vessels, and was connected to a heavily armored triangular hull which had the starfighter's twin ion engines, power generators, and the cloaking device. The wings consisted of three interceptor-style solar collector arrays in an equilateral formation around the fuselage, which gave the craft a menacing arrowhead profile.[1]

The TIE phantom's cloaking device and stealth systems were expensive and innovative. When it was activated, the fighter is completely hidden from sensors and eyesight, and only left a shimmering distortion. Despite having deflector shields, it was not more durable than other TIE craft. A common tactic it used was de-cloaking, firing a barrage from its impressive number of forward-mounted medium laser cannons, and re-cloak.[1]

The TIE phantom sported a class 1 hyperdrive and a navigation computer, as well as a short-range sensor. It was crewed by a pilot and co-pilot or gunner, and had consumables for two weeks. It was extremely limited in quantity due to the complexity of its systems.[1]


Due to its extremely limited number, the TIE phantom was assigned to the most trusted and experience pilots and remained designated as an experimental craft. The TIE phantom was typically used for missions of high priority and importance, or to protect critical assets.[1]


The TIE phantom was introduced during the Imperial Era and was the Imperial Navy's first true stealth starfighter. It was used by the Galactic Empire throughout this time.[1]


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