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The TIE/se Bomber, also known as the First Order TIE bomber, was a class of TIE line bomber using by the First Order during its war with the Resistance.


Jul Jerjerrod piloting a TIE/se Bomber in battle around a Resurgent-class Star Destroyer.

The TIE/se Bomber,[2] also known as the First Order TIE bomber,[3] was a series of bomber used by the First Order. The craft had two pods,[1] similar to the old TIE bombers used by the Galactic Empire.[source?] The new version featured notched wings, like the original TIE Interceptor.[1] The engine bank at the rear was squared off,[4] creating a silhouette similar to the TIE silencer.[source?] The TIE variant had four solar collectors that also acted as its wings, with four laser cannons on each forward tip. The wings themselves were angled outwards, and it had two central pods, one with a cockpit.[1]


TIE/se bombers over Tah'Nuhna

The First Order also made use of a bomber known simply as a First Order bomber.[5] At one point during the war between the First Order and the Resistance, a number of TIE/se Bombers were deployed to the planet Aeos Prime.[4] After the Battle of Crait, they were deployed to bomb areas as part of the destruction of Tah'Nuhna.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The TIE/se Bomber first appeared in the 2019 comic issue Allegiance 1 by Marvel Comics.[1] Its official name was revealed in an X-wing Miniatures Expansion Pack.[source?]



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