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"Get a shuttle ready. I shall assume full responsibility to losing them and apologize to Lord Vader."
―Captain Lorth Needa — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

The TIE/sh shuttle, also known as the TIE Command Shuttle, was a model of armored shuttle manufactured by Sienar Fleet Systems for the Galactic Empire. It was designed to transport Imperial officers plus a squad of stormtroopers between Imperial-class Star Destroyers.[1] Captain Lorth Needa of the Imperial Star Destroyer Avenger made his final space voyage aboard such a ship to the Executor before being executed by Darth Vader.[2]


The TIE/sh shuttle made use of a two-pod configuration: the starboard pod served as the cockpit, and the portside pod carried passengers, protected by heavy armor plating. Beneath each pod were deflector shield generators, a rarity among TIE models. For additional defense, the shuttle was also equipped with two laser cannons, mounted on the underside between the two pods.[1]

The passenger pod was accessible by either a docking hatch from the front or a retractable ramp from below. The shuttle was fitted with comfortable padded seats, refrigerated food and drinks, and a refresher.[1]

The wings of the TIE/sh were bent outward to fulfill Imperial officers' requests for a design distinct from the TIE bomber. Its wider profile made it difficult to dock in hangars designed for other twin-pod TIEs, so it normally docked in larger hangars reserved for officers. The wings were fitted with extra armor plating, but the armor was relatively light to allow the ship to keep pace with TIE bombers and TIE Boarding Craft.[1]


The ship design that would become the TIE/sh evolved from several TIE/sa bombers that Sienar Fleet Systems converted into shuttles to carry workers across the Death Star during its construction. Because the shuttles mainly served utility roles, the Imperial Navy requested a shuttle specifically for command purposes; however, Sienar had already been commissioned and funded to produce the Lambda-class shuttle for that role.[1]

Sienar instead answered the Navy's request with a further modified TIE shuttle, with more comfortable seating and distinct outwards-facing wings. The Navy accepted this design, seeing that it was a distinct improvement from the TIE bomber and its previous shuttle conversions.[1]

Captain Needa's TIE/sh departs from the Avenger's hangar bay to the Executor.

Following the Battle of Hoth, Captain Lorth Needa used a TIE/sh to travel from his Star Destroyer, the Avenger, to the Super Star Destroyer Executor to personally apologize to Darth Vader for losing the Millennium Falcon in battle. Vader subsequently executed him.[2]



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