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The TIE/wi Interceptor, also known as the TIE whisper starfighter, was a TIE line starfighter that was used by the First Order, which was similar in design to the TIE/wi modified interceptor. It was also similar to the TIE/sf space superiority fighter employed by the same government, although the TIE whisper starfighter had upgraded stealth systems. The TIE whisper had a crew of two, a pilot and a gunner.[1]

The starfighter had two laser cannons under the cockpit. It was the latest in the TIE line, and was a very advanced starfighter. It saw use during the war between the First Order and the Resistance.[1]

The TIE whisper starfighter boasted an enhanced stealth and hyperdrive system,[1] which enabled it to chase the Millennium Falcon after it fled the Sinta Glacier Colony.[3]

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