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"Our current assessment is that this is the next generation of the v1."
Antoc Merrick in The Rebel Files[10]

The TIE Advanced x1, or TIE/ad, was an advanced prototype starfighter that was part of the TIE fighter series manufactured by Sienar Fleet Systems. Darth Vader notably flew a TIE Advanced x1.


In designing the starfighters of its TIE fighter series, Sienar Fleet Systems drew heavily on the designs of Kuat Systems Engineering ships such as the V-wing and Eta-2 interceptor. Sienar also experimented with advanced models featuring localized improvements and secret technological breakthroughs, including the TIE Advanced v1 prototype, based on Sienar's Scimitar Star Courier. This prototype led to the TIE Advanced x1, which boasted a hyperdrive and deflector shield generator. A modified early prototype of the Advanced x1 line was flown by Darth Vader himself. Vader's fighter boasted greater speed and heavier firepower, featuring fixed-mounted twin blaster cannons and a cluster missile launcher.[1]

The x1 was protected by an experimental shield system. A stabilizing field was projected by a supermagnet at the rear of the ship. Deflector energies were deployed from forward and lateral pairs of projector bars. These experimental shield systems would sometimes require last minute tuning, something Vader often did personally.[11] Vader specified a custom cockpit to accommodate his armored suit, and high-performance solar cells were fitted into the fighter's curved wings.[1] The ship could also stand and fly under water.[12]


Rebels TIE Advanced x1 Fathead

Darth Vader's prototype TIE Advanced x1

As of 4 BBY,[13] the Sith Lord Darth Vader owned and operated an experimental[14] modified early prototype of the TIE Advanced x1,[1] which he piloted into the midst of a rebel fleet in a daring attack that resulted in the destruction of the rebels' flagship, Phoenix Home.[13] He later used it to travel to Malachor to fight his former Padawan, Ahsoka Tano.[15]

In 0 BBY, during the Battle of Yavin, Vader again piloted his TIE Advanced x1 to pursue and eliminate the Rebel fighters attacking the first Death Star. He shot down several starfighters until his fighter was unexpectedly knocked out of the battle when a TIE/ln space superiority starfighter collided with it after a surprise attack by the Millennium Falcon. After the collision, Vader spun out of control into space, thereby escaping the destruction of the Death Star.[7] The ship was disabled and left to float in the battle station's debris field, though Vader and his ship were later picked up by a Gozanti-class cruiser piloted by Ciena Ree and Berisse Sai.[16]

The TIE Advanced only saw a limited production, but it became a favorite of elite units all the same.[17] An Ace of Storm Squadron flew a TIE Advanced. Other elite Aces from different squadrons also flew the TIE Advanced becoming a favourite amongst them.[18] Following the Battle of Yavin, the Alliance to Restore the Republic provided stolen examples of the craft to Saponza's Gang.[8] Vader continued to fly his TIE Advanced as well.[9] A TIE series craft, with wings akin to[19] an Advanced x1 but without the back design of that fighter,[7] was part of Commander Ellian Zahra's Hunter Fleet after the Battle of Hoth. The fighter took part in the battle at Elessia.[19]


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