TIE Fighter: A Pocket Manual is a 38-page miniature pop-up book about the TIE/LN starfighter. It is written from an in-universe perspective with a strong pro-Imperial bias.

Publisher's summaryEdit

Join the Emperor's squadrons and crush the Rebellion throughout the galaxy!

Here is a pocket guide to the TIE Space Superiority Starfighter, the unparalleled lethal enforcer of the Imperial Navy. Discover the inner workings of the craft—from its innovative design to its devastating weapons system—and learn about its battle history and the newest prototype field-tested by Lord Vader himself.

Inside are three pop-up tactical diagrams of the TIE fighter in action—including an amazing three-dimensional fold-out of the craft in flight—and more than 20 photographic stills from the Star Wars Trilogy Special Edition movies.

Prepare to launch into battle and defend the Galactic Empire from all who dare to challange the Emperror's iron will!


Behind the scenesEdit

The author David West Reynolds—who is listed as Captain David West Reynolds on the title page—has said that he based the tone of the book on Nazi propaganda.

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