TIE Fighter Collector's CD-ROM: The Official Strategy Guide was a computer game strategy book for the CD-ROM version of Star Wars: TIE Fighter written by Rusel DeMaria, David Wessman, and David Maxwell and published by Prima Games. A previous edition of the guide was published along with the game's original release. Like the first edition, it contained much of the story from The Stele Chronicles and continued the story of Maarek Stele throughout, along with walkthroughs and strategies designed to help players defeat the simulator missions, the missions for the game's original tours of duty and biographies of the game's creators and design team. This edition also included information on the Defender of the Empire expansion pack, previously covered in TIE Fighter: Defender of the Empire Campaign Disc: Official Secrets & Solutions, along with the Enemies of the Empire expansion pack which was only included in the CD-ROM version of the game.

Publishers summary[edit | edit source]

Seldom has space been this treacherous, as hordes of Rebels and renegade Imperial troops threaten to undermine the foundations of a glorious Empire. Now is the time for swift, decisive action. In your hands is the manual of tactics and inside information you'll need to wipe away the traitorous scourge of the Alliance, and all who would challenge the Emperor's rightful supremacy.

Inside you'll find:

  • More than 100 mission synopses, including Defender of the Empire missions and the new campaign: Imperial Pursuit [sic]
  • Techniques for flying all the Imperial starfighters, including the two new secret craft
  • The most efficient ways to achieve all your mission goals, divulged by the game's designers
  • Insight into the workings of the Secret Society of elite pilots
  • Stats, programming notes, interviews, and much more!

TIE Fighter Collector's CD-ROM: The Official Strategy Guide is a must for those wishing to put down the Rebel pestilence once and for all. Now, you can gain the favor of Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith, distinguish yourself in the service of the Emperor, and bask in the glow of the dark side.

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