This article is about a prototype starfighter. You may be looking for TIE/LN starfighter, the most common starfighter of the Galactic Empire.

The TIE starfighter was the first upgraded model of the T.I.E. starfighter produced by the Galactic Empire.[4]


A modest upgrade of the T.I.E. starfighter used by the Galactic Republic, the TIE starfighter had a centralized power generator running both the engine and the weapons, unlike the later TIE Line starfighter, which had separate generators.[4] It was tougher than the final TIE/LN version, but also cost more. It featured weak shields, a small hyperdrive and two one-shot concussion missile launchers, which allowed it to serve as a light bomber, long-assault craft or snubfighter. Unfortunately some of these systems were incompatible with the Twin Ion Engine and required a secondary power supply to operate. The TIE model was slower than the TIE/LN, and its laser cannons were not as powerful.[5]


The newly formed Galactic Empire required a cheap and efficient starfighter that could be mass-produced. Sienar Fleet Systems especially impressed Emperor Palpatine with TIE starfighters, which cost only a fraction compared to other proposals. The Empire decided to reduce the cost even further by removing secondary energy generators and respective systems, leading to the enormously mass-produced TIE/LN starfighter. The original model still saw some use during the first years of the New Order, but became less common later. By 0 ABY, the Line model had become the standard TIE fighter in the Imperial Navy, and most of the original TIE starfighters were replaced or scrapped.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Force Unleashed Campaign Guide features an entry for a previously unmentioned TIE Series starfighter called TIE Prototype, which was said to be the predecessor of the standard TIE/LN starfighter. A closer inspection of the entry reveals that this starfighter's description is almost identical to that of the previously established TIE starfighter, and therefore it is simply another designation thereof.[1]


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