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The TIE stealth was a modified TIE/LN starfighter, optimized as an infiltrator and Imperial commando transport, in use by the Second Imperium around 23 ABY.


Though not nearly as advanced as its forebearers, the TIE stealth was a capable craft in both of its roles as an infiltrator and as a fighter. It was equipped with a secondary set of smaller low-emissions engines and a sensor-dampening hull coating, possibly reflec, to reduce detectability on infiltration missions. It may have also been equipped with enhanced sensors, as one was able to detect and fly through the narrow gap between the Jedi Praxeum's deflector shield and the tops of surrounding trees. Its flight controls were thought to be similar enough to a standard TIE for either an Imperial commando or a teen aged Jaina Solo to fly effectively. Aside from being specially equipped as an infiltrator, it was still fully functional as a fighter.


Two TIE stealths were used by the Imperial commandos Orvak and Dareb to infiltrate the Jedi Praxeum on Yavin 4, beginning the combined attack by the Second Imperium and the Shadow Academy. After flying through a narrow gap between the Academy's deflector shield and the tops of the surrounding trees, Orvak destroyed the academy's shield generator, cutting off power to the deflector shield and leaving the academy open to attack. During the ensuing battle, Orvak landed the fighter in order to carry out his second mission of placing explosives inside the Jedi Academy. He was eventually killed by his own explosives but not before a Jedi trainee, the young Jaina Solo, commandeered his craft. Piloted by Solo, the TIE stealth proved itself as a fighter, as Solo used it to shoot down several Second Imperium fighters before being damaged and forced to crash land.


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