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"I hope yours took a bath once in a while, kid. This guy's armor smells like he lived in it."
―Han Solo to Luke Skywalker, while donning TK-422's armor.[src]

TK-422 was the designation of a clone stormtrooper stationed aboard Death Star I during the Galactic Civil War. After the Millennium Falcon was captured, he was ordered to stand guard in front of the freighter's boarding ramp, while a scanning crew attempted to determine if anyone was hiding aboard the Falcon.

Just seconds after the scanning crew had made their way up the boarding ramp, a loud thump was heard and someone called down to them, asking TK-422 and his fellow guard, TK-421, for help with a piece of equipment. The two stormtroopers made their way up the ramp to assist the then-unconscious technicians. Instead TK-422, along with TK-421, was stunned by Han Solo, stripped of his armor, tied up, and stowed in one of the Falcon's service lockers. His armor was then donned by Solo, who complained of the smell and speculated that TK-422 didn't wash himself regularly. His weapon was taken by Luke Skywalker.

When a firefight broke out between the staff of Detention Block AA-23 and a Wookiee with two stormtroopers, a security team was dispatched to the hangar housing the recently captured freighter. TK-422 and his unconscious comrades were found aboard the Falcon. After attempts to revive him were unsuccessful, TK-422's fellow stormtroopers brought him to the nearest medical bay.

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In Star Wars (1977) 3 this character is portrayed as a member of Scanning crew BT-445.



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