"The overcoat is a nice touch, but white pants with toumon boots? Come back when your eyespots can perceive style."
Glambot, an obnoxious TT-8L gatekeeper at Coruscant's Club Caraveg[src]

Once constructed by Serv-O-Droid, Inc. for wealthy citizens and entrepreneurs, the TT-8L gatekeeper droid, also known as the gatewatcher droid and nicknamed the "tattletale," was made to be the perfect surveillance system.


Essentially, the droid was an electronic eye on a stalk. The "tattletale" was placed near a door and could poke its "eye" through a peephole in the door. It could then ask its master if it should admit a visitor or keep the visitor at the door. Many people considered it to be one of the most annoying droid models.


The deluxe TT-8L/XSS was originally the most popular variant until the arrival of the TT-8L/Y7. The Y7 could scan for weapons and was installed in the door frame itself.

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