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"You had better be right!"
"I am a droid. I am always right."
―Wat Tambor and TX-20 — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

TX-20 was a T-series military strategic analysis and tactics droid who served the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars as a commander. He was assigned to the command of Wat Tambor, foreman of the Techno Union and Emir of Ryloth.

During the Battle of Ryloth, TX-20 and his forces conquered the Twi'lek city of Nabat, establishing a base camp in the city's courtyard and capturing the city's population. TX-20 was tasked with preventing the Republic from pushing their assault to free Ryloth, using the captured Twi'leks of Nabat as a living shield to prevent the Republic from launching reprisal strikes against droid forces.


TX-20 was then sent to Ryloth as part of Emir Tambor's occupation force and conquered the city of Nabat. There, he served as commander and built a base camp, including a Separatist command center, in the city's courtyard. TX-20 placed five proton cannons there. He also captured what was left of Nabat's population to use them as a living shield to protect his cannons.[2]

After the blockade was destroyed, TX-20 was contacted by Tambor who ordered him to prevent the Republic forces from landing their troops. TX-20 then commenced firing his cannons at the Republic transports and gunships. However, the gunships were able to land and he sent out recon droids to ascertain the Republic's plans for the attack. After learning that Obi-Wan Kenobi was in charge and was moving, he ordered his droids to release the starved gutkurrs upon the clones. Even though Kenobi defeated the creatures, TX-20 saw that their ranks were thin.[2]

TX-20 is destroyed

TX-20 then prepared for the final attack, assuring Tambor that the clones only had 742 to 1 odds of victory against him. TX-20 then led his tanks and droids again Clone Commander Cody's troops. However, he was then informed by one his battle droids that Kenobi was freeing his prisoners. He then turned his tank around to confront Kenobi. TX-20 then fired on Kenobi, destroying the last cannon. TX-20 then held Kenobi and Numa at gunpoint, laughing as he believed he was victorious. However, he had failed to calculate the morale of the prisoners, who were reinvigorated by Numa's courage and swarmed his tank. He was unable to ascertain what was happening, repeatedly yelling "Does not compute!" as the prisoners dismantled him.[2]



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