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"You had better be right!"
"I am a droid. I am always right."
Wat Tambor and TX-20 — Quote-audio Listen (file info)[src]

TX-20 was a T-series tactical droid that was in charge of the Confederacy of Independent Systems' units assigned to Techno Union Emir and Foreman, Wat Tambor, during the Battle of Ryloth in the Clone Wars.

Tambor ordered him to conquer the Twi'lek city of Nabat, which he did, leading his army to complete victory and establishing a camp in the city, at the cost of many innocent Twi'lek lives. Once the Republic debarked on Ryloth, he sent probes to spy the Republic forces. He armed himself with courage to confront the famous High General Obi-Wan Kenobi, and during the battle, he was able to predict the strategies and tactics of his enemies, and counterattacked them wisely. He established five proton cannons in the center of the city, which was also where his command center was, and stopped the advance of his opponents, forcing them to hide inside the tunnels around of the city.

The tactical droid starved some creatures and sent them against the Jedi, even though his initial campaign wasn't killing them, but causing them a lot of casualties. However, TX-20 didn't count with the surprising attitude of the General, and he was forced to betray his own army when his cannons were destroyed. When he was about to kill Kenobi and Numa, the liberated Twi'lek prisoners from his camp tore him to bits.


Twi'leks attack TX-20

TX-20 is attacked by the Twi'leks.


"Does not compute… Does not compute…"
―TX-20's final words — Quote-audio Listen (file info)[src]

After the planet was secured for the Confederacy, TX-20 was tasked with protecting the five anti-aircraft cannons of the Twi'lek city of Nabat, and used the Twi'lek population of the nearby city as living shields to prevent the Republic troops from using a direct assault or bombing them in oblivion from orbit. TX-20 commanded his forces from a Separatist command center, and after forcing Mace Windu's three Acclamator class assault ships away, severely damaging one in the process, he was able to calculate and anticipate several moves of Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi, suggesting that Kenobi would not risk the lives of prisoners and would use an unorthodox maneuver instead. To counter any move of Kenobi while preserving his own forces, TX-20 unleashed starved gutkurrs onto Ghost Company, thinning their ranks severely. After doing this, he began to prepare for their final direct assault, computing that he now had a 742 to 1 odds of victory against the remaining Republic troops.[2]

TX-20's computations, while correct, lacked one critical factor: local aid to the clones. After rescuing the Twi'lek girl Numa, Obi-Wan, Waxer and Boil, led by the child, used the underground sewers to sneak behind the enemy line and release the captured villagers. TX-20 led his troops to face the Republic assault, but the clones only assaulted as a diversion to allow Kenobi to take control of one of the cannons and turned its fire on the other four. Turning around, TX-20 destroyed Obi-Wan's commandeered cannon, and closed in on the downed Jedi, believing that by killing him, he could still win. He was about to finish the Jedi with his Armored Assault Tank, when, seeing their savior and Numa (who had sneaked to the downed Obi-Wan and was attempting to drag him away) in danger, the Twi'lek villagers suddenly surged forward and mobbed the tank. TX-20 was torn apart by the Twi'leks while offering no resistance, his mechanical brain being unable to cope with the sudden turn of events.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

Production-wise, TX-20 was supposed to be the first tactical droid to appear in The Clone Wars TV series, but later production changes pushed his appearance back.[source?]

TX-20 had the letter 'T' Aurebesh on the left side of his torso and his head; the T stands for T-series tactical droid.

TX-20 was voiced by Corey Burton in Innocents of Ryloth and is the first tactical droid to be given a designation.[6] Count Dooku's tactical droid voiced by Phil LaMarr in Supply Lines, was initially listed as "TX-20" in the end credits of the episode, however the actual model did not look nor sound like TX-20. The mistake has been corrected by Star Wars: Clone Wars Adventures, where the droid is identified as TA-1313.

A Hasbro action figure of TX-20 was created and released in 2010 as part of The Clone Wars line.



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