Ta'Sen was a male Tarasin who worked in the Sanads of Rorkee hotel, in Genarius, as a bellhop.

Like most Tarasins, Ta'Sen was born in the planet Cularin. During his youth, Ta'Sen decided to see other worlds in the Cularin system, so he decided to work in the nearby planets. He became a bellboy in Genarius.

In 31 BBY, he missed his native planet and considered returning, but he did not have saved enough yet. He was happy listening to customers who talked about Cularin.

That same year, hotel guest Shilaea Motacc was apparently killed in an accidental cave-in in the nearby Dorumaa Excavation simulation. Soon afterward, Ta'Sin saw the Excavation workers picking up Motacc's personal belongings and taking them to the Excavation, which was a suspicious activity.