Ta'al Pierc was a short, overweight, and middle-aged Human male agent who served the Alliance to Restore the Republic on the planet Toprawa during the Galactic Civil War. He worked for the planet's Imperial Research Station, where he added a program to their systems that would allow a user to bypass the facility's security measures. It was Pierc who informed the Alliance that the control systems for the Death Star's superlaser were being designed on Toprawa.

When the Empire learned that Pierc was a traitor, Facet Anamor was dispatched to deal with him. In 0 BBY, Pierc was killed by Anamor in an alleyway in Toprawa City, a killing witnessed by Havet Storm. Storm later accidentally discovered Pierc's bypass, and when he sided with the Rebellion in its attempt to take the plans and broadcast them to the Tantive IV, he used the bypass to circumvent the security systems and get access to them.

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