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Ta'laam Ranth was a male Gotal senator of Antar 4 to the New Republic and head of the Senate Justice Council. He was known for being very polite and soft-spoken.


After the Fall of Coruscant, Ranth managed to reach Mon Calamari, where the New Republic regrouped. Due to the death of Chief of State Borsk Fey'lya of the New Republic, a new campaign to choose a Chief of State began. Ranth was nominated as one of the candidates along with Cal Omas, Fyor Rodan and Cola Quis. Ranth got a great deal of supporters, but it was obvious that he did not have enough support to become Chief of State. Other senators, including Triebakk worried that Ranth was building support only to withdraw at the last moment and give his votes to another candidate in exchange for political favors. Both Fyor Rodan and Cal Omas tried to get Ranth's votes. Ranth's votes, however, were rendered useless after the third round of voting, when most of Rodan's supporters defected to the Omas camp.

Omas was able to persuade Ranth to support him, in return for retaining his chair of the Justice Council, as well as a seat on the High Council as one of the six non-Jedi, New Republic representatives. Apparently, Ranth was not a great supporter of the Jedi, and considered that this place was useful to stop the Jedi from being too autonomous from their government. However, Ranth voted with the Jedi in opposition to Alpha Red.

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For unknown reasons—possibly an erroneous entry in's Unofficial Encyclopedia—Ranth's gender used to be debated. It has since been clarified on the boards that, canonically, Ta'laam Ranth has always been male.[1]



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