"It's your hunt."
"It's our hunt. All of ours!"
―Prelate Verge and Tabor Seitaron[1]

Tabor Seitaron was a male human who served as a captain in the Imperial Navy alongside Prelate Verge. He worked as a teacher at the Imperial Academy on Carida. During Verge's hunt for Everi Chalis, Seitaron accompanied him aboard the Herald. Seitaron eventually killed the young prelate during the Siege of Inyusu Tor.


Early life[]

"You were once a great man; you served our Emperor and our age with distinction. Now you waste away at the academy […]."
―Verge, on Seitaron's past[1]

During the time of the Galactic Republic, Tabor Seitaron served in the Republic Navy of the aboard Star Destroyers prior to when they earned their name. Over the time of his service, with the Republic transitioning into the Galactic Empire, he eventually rose to the rank of captain and witnessed the Star Destroyers evolve into the greatest weapons of the Imperial Navy.[1] Canonhaus once served under Captain Seitaron who wrote in Canonhaus's file that the Imperial officer lacked special insight, adding that he required more experience. Another time he told the student while in a wardroom that it was important for one to know their crew.[2]

At one point he met Everi Chalis, an emissary to the Imperial Ruling Council, along with Imperial figures Tiaan Jerjerrod or Kenth Leesha among some meetings and receptions on the planet Coruscant.[1] By 14 BBY,[3] Seitaron retired from active service, going on to teach military history to cadets at the Imperial academy on the planet Carida.[1] Seitaron once taught a student named Tian Karmiya, and in his classes he gained a reputation for downgrading students like Karmiya who had missed his hints on what had really happened in an event, as opposed to the "official" histories promoted by COMPNOR.[2] In 1 BBY,[4] he was aboard the Rueful Confession for its test flight.[1]

A new mission[]

"With due respect, you overestimate my understanding of the woman—we haven't spoken in years. Perhaps Tiaan Jerjerrod or Kenth Leesha could be of more use?"
"I chose you, as the Emperor chose me. Chalis is dangerous, and this is not the time for humility."
―Seitaron and Verge[1]

In 3 ABY,[4] Seitaron was summoned to the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Herald above Carida by Prelate Verge, a young member and rising star in the Imperial Ruling Council. After arriving on a shuttle, he was greeted by an ensign backed by two stormtroopers, who began to led him out of the hangar. Seitaron assured the ensign that he had brought nothing on the shuttle. The ensign then gave him tour of the Herald pointing out the features of the Star Destroyer and relating the ship's upgrades to the successes in Seitaron's career. Seitaron inquired how long the officer had been in service on the Herald and was surprised to here it was only four months.[1]

The ensign left Seitaron in the Herald's conference center where Verge arrived after nearly an hour. After greeting the captain, the prelate explained that he wanted Seitaron to help him capture Chalis, who had recently defected to the Rebel Alliance's 61st Mobile Infantry, better known as Twilight Company. Seitaron was skeptical of his own presence in this mission, having not spoken to Chalis in years, and suggested Jerjerrod or Leesha for the task. Verge, though, told him that refusing the "privilege" would be as incomprehensible as Chalis defecting to the Alliance. Seitaron accepted the mission, albeit reluctantly, and Verge assured him they would achieve great things together.[1]

News of Seitaron's sudden departure from Carida[1] eventually reached Canonhaus. who believed his former commanding officer was "disappeared" and "proscribed" for his approach on official history,[2] though that was not the case.[1]

Tracking Chalis[]

"The rebel ship. It's taken considerable damage in the last week. They'll be looking to put in for repairs."
"Agreed. That will mean a base of some sort, or at the very least a flotilla equipped for the job."
―Seitaron and Verge[1]

Beginning the hunt for Chalis, Verge plotted courses that Twilight Company may have taken from Haidoral Prime. Seitaron could not to keep up with him when he ran through scenarios the company could have taken. He himself spent a lot of the time studying and socializing with the crew of the Herald, looking through their files at night. Seitaron also studied Verge, finding the prelate very charismatic. On Seitaron's sixth night on the Herald, Verge held an impromptu gala a docking bay turned concert hall, inviting Seitaron and many crew members. An hour into the night, Verge revealed that the purpose of the gala was because an Imperial officer had failed to notify him that Twilight Company had been sighted at the planet Coyerti. Seitaron watched as the prelate summoned the officer and allowed the rest of the room to punish him. Seitaron had a bad sleep that night and after he grew a desire to return to Carida, wishing to better equip his troops for the hunt to speed its completion.[1]

Soon after Twilight Company attacked Coyerti, Seitaron learned that their CR90 corvette, the Thunderstrike was leaving a particle trail due to a damaged hyperdrive. He assigned numerous officers to liaise with other Imperial starships in the Metatessu sector, where the Thunderstrike was on the run, to intercept the corvette. The Thunderstrike was ultimately attacked three times over the next few days, being damaged in the process. However, the corvette and its escort, the Dornean gunship Apailana's Promise, raided an Imperial heavy freighter in the Redhurne system and seized supplies to repair the Thunderstrike's hyperdrive.[1]

Seitaron received a report on the raid and announced his frustration on not predicting it. After waving off a liaison officer's apology, he conversed with Verge on their next plan of action. Seitaron pointed out that the Thunderstrike would need repairs, and Verge stated that the corvette would stop at a rebel base or flotilla. The pair moved their conversation from the Herald's bridge to the tactical center, with Seitaron's favored officers joining them. Knowing that they could not directly track Twilight Company or the possible base or flotilla, Seitaron suggested intercepting another rebel ship which may need repairs, knowing that half the Alliance Fleet had just been chased out of the Mid Rim. Verge allowed him to continue with the idea.[1]

The failure[]

"Her ship is now in hiding. We won't track it again, I think."
"Then we determine her next move. Darth Vader and his forces scattered Alliance High Command. That means she is isolated now."
―Verge and Seitaron discuss finding Chalis again[1]

Per Seitaron's planning, an infiltration was formed by an Imperial Special Forces commander aboard the Herald. The team used the captured light freighter Trumpet's Call to find the flotilla where the Thunderstrike and Apailana's Promise were located, just as Seitaron intended. Posing as the rebel survivors with the Trumpet's Call's life support deactivated, they baited Twilight Company into taking them onto their corvette for medical care. The infiltration team then stormed the Thunderstrike's bridge and the Herald soon arrived to force Twilight Company to hand over Chalis. However, the Thunderstrike's bridge was soon retaken by rebels and the liberated corvette quickly fled the system with the Apailana's Promise while under fire.[1]

As a result of losing the Thunderstrike Verge punished the Special forces commander, as well as a gunner who had hesitated to fire and a scan officer who failed to predict the hyperspace jump. The three individuals were used as calibration subjects, which Seitaron refrained from disputing. A week later, Seitaron and Verge were talking and Verge made it clear that he was aware that Seitaron did not like his methods of punishment. He reminded the captain that the Emperor demanded loyalty from all of his subjects. When the prelate asked what their next move in finding Chalis was, Seitaron concluded that they would predict her next move.[1]

Ambush at Sullust[]

"She'll flee is she sees a foe prepared. She's too much of a coward to do otherwise. We must keep our distance until she steps into the trap. When the time comes, the kill is yours."
―Seitaron, to Verge[1]

A short while later, Chalis and Twilight Company began attacking soft targets along the Rimma Trade Route. Knowing that her expertise was in the logical machinery of the Empire, Seitaron guessed that she wished to deliver a crippling blow to its infrastructure. Intending to stop her midway through her campaign, he worked to predict her next target, choosing between dozens of manufacturing facilities, spacedocks and shipping lanes. Seitaron failed to catch up with Chalis at Nakadia and the Kuliquo belt, but managed to pin point her next target to a handful of possible locations, including Sullust, Malastare and Tshindral.[1]

Seitaron worked to prepare Chalis's possible targets for an attack. Sure enough Twilight Company arrived at Sullust. Barcel, the Herald's communications officer, informed Seitaron, who had a channel to the TIE fighter squadron Vixus Squadron. Seitaron ordered that the Thunderstrike be prioritized and made sure that the Sullust Imperial garrison did not destroy Twilight Company so that the Thunderstrike had a reason to come back for the company. Soon enough, Vixus Squadron traveled to Sullust and ambushed the corvette upon its return to pick up Twilight Company. Unable to fend off the TIE fighters, the Thunderstrike was shot down and the Apailana's Promise fled with its X-wings.[1]

The Siege of Inyusu Tor[]

"Captain Seitaron? There's a shuttle lifting off from one of the transport stations."
"Is it broadcasting clearance codes?"
"Yes, sir. The ones you said to watch for."
―Barcel and Seitaron[1]

Two days later, the Herald arrived at Sullust to back the Imperial garrison there against Twilight Company, which had set up defenses at the Inyusu Tor mineral processing facility. While the garrison attacked the Inyusu Tor facility below, the Star Destroyer fired on the outer defenses, but was distracted when the Apailana's Promise arrived with its X-wings. Seitaron stood at the bridge of the Herald, amused at the gunships arrival and surprised when Twilight Company used the lava pumps in the facility against the ground forces. He planned to send reinforcements to the dwindling forces below once the Promise and the X-wings were gone.[1]

Late into the battle, Seitaron was approached by Barcel, who came with news that a shuttle was departing the planet which had transmitted clearance codes that matched ones of which Chalis had used to evade the Empire. Seitaron immediately knew that it was Chalis attempting to flee the battle and Verge ordered her shuttle to be pulled in by tractor beam. The prelate then began towards the shuttle bays. Seitaron wished to stay monitoring the battle but Verge insisted on the captain joining him. The pair went to the tertiary shuttle bay with two fleet troopers, Zhios and Cantompa, who had earned Seitaron's respect. Once an all-clear was given, the four entered the hangar to meet Chalis.[1]

Confronting Chalis[]

"Captain Seitaron. You came out of your retirement for me? Your mistress must be jeaous."
―Everi Chalis, to Seitaron[1]

Chalis exited her shuttle in the uniform of an Imperial captain which she had killed. She expressed her surprise that Seitaron had come out of retirement to see her capture and then jibed Verge about his title as prelate. Verge called himself an agent of the Emperor and she continued to chide him on his rumored obsession with the Emperor. Chalis then made an offer to reveal what she had learned about the Rebel Alliance in return for a pardon. Verge then stepped towards her and began to assault her, knocking her to the floor. The prelate made it clear that her offer was not accepted, and so she revealed a device from her pocket. Seitaron noticed the device as it was activated, setting off twenty ion bombs inside of Chalis's shuttle.[1]

The ion bombs created a power surge in the Herald, which Seitaron was quick to deduce while his vision was temporarily blinded. Verge insisted that the bombs would have no effect but the Seitaron knew otherwise, pointing out that the Star Destroyer needed full power to stay flying in atmosphere. He then ordered the Herald's bridge crew to divert all of the Star Destroyers weapons and auxiliary power to the engines so that it could withdraw from the Sullust's gravity. His comlink, though, was also disabled from the power surge. Improvising, Seitaron ordered Zhios and Cantompa to send his message themselves. While the pair do fleet troopers tried to open the door out of the hangar, Chalis and Verge exchanged insults and Verge continued to beat her.[1]

Zhios and Cantompa then got through the door, but Verge ordered them to stop, insisting that the Herald would instead sacrifice itself to destroy Twilight Company at the Inyusu Tor facility. Sietaron argued against this but the prelate told the captain to not question him. Chalis suddenly attacked him and the two grappled. Seitaron drew his Merr-Sonn B22 blaster pistol and shot Verge. After ordering Zhios and Cantompa to send his aforementioned message, the captain then confronted Chalis, who asked how she had "shot herself" to confuse Seitaron. The former governor escaped the Herald, which proceeded to exit Sullust to avoid its own destruction, allowing Twilight Company to win on the ground.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"You may trick a wise man once, a fool twice—but no one falls for the same treachery three times."
―Seitaron, to the crew of the Herald[1]

Tabor Seitaron was a human male. He made acquaintance to many of the Herald's crew and socialized them and read their personal files. Seitaron further sympathised with the crew of the Herald and was quick to order the Star Destroyer's retreat in order to save all of them. Thus he chose to kill Verge when he opposed his ideas.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Tabor Seitaron first appeared in the 2015 novel Battlefront: Twilight Company, written by Alexander Freed.[1]


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