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"A blindfolded one-legged tach with a rusty knife could probably beat me, all right?"
Deadeye Duncan[src]

The tach was a small simian creature native to the planet Kashyyyk. It was more or less a harmless and curious creature. The tach was considered an annoying creature by many of the sentients because of their peculiar tendency to emit a high pitched yelp.

Tachs were harmless except when a person was sprayed with a mist of tach essence. The essence enraged local tach, inciting a desire to kill the person with the essence on them. Generally, the only reason anyone would spray this essence on themselves is to lure the tach closer to themselves to kill it. Once the tach was dead, the gland near the brain could be removed, and sold for a high price.

Tach glands had all sorts of chemical properties. When powdered, they made an excellent stimulant, and they were also the main ingredient in Tarisian ale. Mission Vao's brother, Griff, planned on harvesting these tach glands to make Tarisian ale in order to pay his debts to an Exchange crime lord, but was unsuccessful.

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