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"There's an old battle droid saying: "Those who can, fight. Those who can't, command.""

Tactical droids were a type of battle droid designed to plan battle strategies. Baktoid Combat Automata manufactured several models of tactical droid, including the T-series military strategic analysis and tactics droid and the more advanced ST-series military strategic analysis and tactics droid, including General Kalani.[2] Later, L-1 tactical droids would be used during the Galactic Civil War.[1]


Clone Wars[]

During the Clone Wars, the Confederacy of Independence Systems utilized tactical droids to as commanding officers in their Droid Army. They were often positioned on droid control ships of separatist fleets and command centers on planets where they could manage squads of battle droids. Individuals that persisted through long periods of the war would learn analyze their battle experience in order to formulate improved strategies to combat Republic forces.[source?]

The early days of the war saw the Separatists use primarily T-series droids, who would accompany a superior officer as an advisor but could also individually oversee small armies. Later on, the Separatists had the ST-series tactical droid developed as a successor to the T-series.[source?]

Age of the Empire[]

After the collapse of the CIS, the droid army was shut down and sent to decommissioning facilities, like one on Corellia. However, the droids' intelligence on clone tactics become highly valuable as many parties were interested in countering the Imperial Military, which still primarily consisted of clones.[5]



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