"The symbols on the Deejo tablets call the creator of the Slave Pits 'habensa'—which in modern Argazdan means 'one who builds', and is considered synonymous with the Basic word architect. Three thousand years ago, however, the term would have had an entirely different meaning: 'one who sculpts, or more specifically 'one who shapes'."
―Author Dr. Heilan Rotham[src]

Tactile Writings in the Kanz Sector was a thesis published in the historical journal Historiana Galactica Quarterly. It was written by Dr. Heilan Rotham. Among its topics were the origins of the Slave Pits of Lorrd and their mysterious alien creator, who was known as habensa in the Argazdan. During the Galactic Civil War, Tash Arranda cited it in an essay she wrote about a visit she made to the planet Lorrd.


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