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Tag Greenley was a human male[1] who served as a lieutenant[2] in the Galactic Empire.[1] Han Solo once attempted to befriend both him and Bink Otauna, but eventually determined that the two were too much of a colossal screwup to hang around with. Greenley and Otauna were later present during an Imperial tribunal on Carida conducted to review Solo's actions during an assault by raiders on Onyx Squadron.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Howard with Toby Hefferman and Jon Kasdan

Tag Greenley was originally a character appearing in the Star Wars Infinities comic series Star Wars: Tag & Bink, and was created by Kevin Rubio. Jon Kasdan portrayed Tag (alongside Toby Hefferman as Bink) in a deleted scene from the 2018 film Solo: A Star Wars Story.[3] The scene featuring them was cut from the finished version of the film despite Kasdan's objection. They appeared working menial security jobs when Han Solo was brought before the disciplinary committee at the Carida Academy.[4] Although the scene was always present since the film's first screenplay draft, director Ron Howard was forced to cut the scene because it was deemed unnecessary.[5]

The 2018 canon reference book, Solo: A Star Wars Story The Official Guide by Pablo Hidalgo, confirmed Tag's first and last name.[1]

Solo: A Star Wars Story: Expanded Edition by Mur Lafferty restored the deleted scene from the film, while providing further insights about Solo's previous interactions with the duo.[2]



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