"I was dead the day I first logged the weapons plan for that damned battle station of yours."
―Rogaren to Darth Vader[src]

Tag Rogaren was a male Human from Alderaan who served in the Galactic Empire. During the construction of the first Death Star, Rogaren was chief weapon systems engineer. It was he who conceived and built the superlaser array of that battlestation. Following the destruction of Alderaan by the Empire, Rogaren felt responsible for what happened. He lived aboard the Audacity, a battered Venator-class Star Destroyer, surrounded by relics of his lost homeworld. Eventually, Rogaren encountered Leia Organa, princes of Alderaan and hero of the Rebellion in the Graveyard of Alderaan. When the princess discovered who he was, she pointed her blaster on him.[1] As Rogaren expressed his regrets and willingness to die, the princess lowered her weapon and left the Audacity, deciding to let him in the hands of the Galactic War Crimes Tribunal instead of shooting him in cold blood.[3]

Some time later, the armored cyborg Darth Vader—right hand man of the Galactic Emperor Palpatine—discovered that a fighter bearing Rebel Alliance markings had visited Rogaren's den. Vader and brought before him so he could be interrogated. Despite the threats of violence, Rogaren refused to give the identity of his visitor, stating that his visitor was nothing but an innocent pilgrim unaffiliated with the Rebels. Seeing that he could not make him talk, Vader ended up killing the Alderaanian by strangling him with his powerful robotic right hand.[2]


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