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"Captain Taggart, we've got incoming clankers!"
"We'll cover you, sir!"
―Ahsoka Tano and Taggart[src]

Taggart was a Human male captain in the Senate Guard during the Clone Wars. In 21 BBY, Taggart and some of his Guards were sent to the planet Mandalore to protect a group of Republic senators who were to attend a peace conference with representatives of the Confederacy of Independent Systems. During the talks in the New Mandalorian capital Sundari, Taggart, along with several of his men, was stationed at the Sundari shipping docks near the Phoenix, the ship of the Republic's delegation. However, when Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano and the former Separatist Lux Bonteri arrived there, Tano informed Taggart that Separatist BX-series droid commandos were chasing the duo. Taggart and his troops opened fire on the battle droids, and following the skirmish, both sides suffered several casualties.


Taggart was a Human male who lived during the waning years of the Galactic Republic. By the time of the Clone Wars, Taggart served in the Republic's Senate Guard and held the rank of captain.[1] In 21 BBY,[2] Duchess Satine Kryze of Mandalore hosted a peace conference on her planet to find a peaceful solution that would end the war between the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Taggart, several Senate Guards, and Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano were dispatched to protect the Republic delegation, which consisted of Senators Padmé Amidala, Bail Prestor Organa, and Mon Mothma. During the conference in[1] the New Mandalorian capital city, Sundari,[3] Taggart and some of his men were stationed at the docks with the Phoenix, the Republic delegation's[1] GX1 Short Hauler,[4] while the conference was held in the Sundari Royal Palace.[1]


Taggart and his Guards fight against the droid commandos.

However, during that time, Tano, along with the former Separatist, Lux Bonteri, arrived where Taggart and his men were standing guard. Tano had rescued Bonteri from a potential execution by the Separatists for interrupting the peace conference, and the duo was chased by Separatist BX-series droid commandos. After Tano told Taggart that she and Bonteri were being chased by commando droids, the Captain and his men responded by giving the two adolescents cover fire to reach the Phoenix, which attracted the battle droids' attention. Both sides sustained several losses in the following lightfight.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Taggart served in the Senate Guard,[1] a unit that was trained to protect Republic dignitaries.[5] When Ahsoka Tano and Lux Bonteri were chased by Separatist troops during the peace conference on Mandalore, Taggart helped the duo by fighting the battle droids. In combat, Taggart wore blue Senate Guard armor and used a DC-15A blaster rifle.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Taggart first appeared in "A Friend in Need," the fourteenth episode of the fourth season of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars television series. In the episode, he was voiced by Matthew Wood.[1]


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