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"You're Domina Tagge. The Domina Tagge. Head of the Tagge Corporation, one of the galaxy's richest, I mean, most esteemed conglomerates—"
Chelli Aphra, to Domina Tagge[src]

TaggeCo,[5] also known as Tagge Corporation,[2] was a company owned and operated by the Tagge family.[1] In the last decades of the Galactic Republic, it was notably involved in marketing and distributing food products. At the time, the company's central strategy planning offices were located on Coruscant.[5] During the reign of the Galactic Empire, the company also maintained mining operations.[1] Many years after the defeat of the Empire, TaggeCo still existed. One of its subsidiaries, Galacti-Stok, produced the Happy-Bore Medicated Dewormer, a dewormer designed to control and rid happabores of parasites.[3] Around 3 ABY,[6] the company was headed by Lady Domina Tagge.[2]

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