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"TaggeCo. has dominated inter-planetary commerce for generations. We are ubiquitous… from the food beings eat, to the vehicles they drive, yet even compared to its previous successes, the company is growing at record levels under my leadership."
―Orman Tagge to Palpatine[5]

The Tagge Company, usually shortened to TaggeCo, was a company owned by the House of Tagge. It was also an Imperial Corporation.[6] TaggeCo, like the House, was based in the city of Unlos Tagge on the planet Tepasi. For a time, it was allied to the Trade Federation; however, this partnership ended sometime before the Separatist Crisis, during which the House of Tagge declared its allegiance to the Galactic Republic. TaggeCo continued to exist at the time of the Yuuzhan Vong War. It was one of the largest megacorporations in the galaxy.

It was the parent company of Biscuit Baron, Bonadan Heavy Industries, GalResource Industries, Gowix Computers, Lantillian ShipWrights, Mobquet Swoops and Speeders, Tagge Industries Shipyards Limited, Tagge Mining Company, Tagge Restaurant Association, and Trast Heavy Transports. It also sponsored the Team Tagge swoop racing team.

There were also mining stations associated to TaggeCo.[7]


"TaggeCo: We're Everywhere You Are."
―Popular Tagge Company slogan[1]

TaggeCo was founded 200 BBY by Tarzen Tagge when he gained local acclaim by using his fleet of small freighters to provide disaster relief to a remote area on Tepasi. It was started largely as a front for Tarzen's interest in counterfeiting and contraband. TaggeCo would get construction contracts on other worlds, and use that as cover to smuggle goods to new markets.

Despite it being largely a sham corporation, Tarzen insisted that the construction work be of the best quality. This was to avoid complaints to officials that might lead to investigations of the company's true nature. This made the company a galaxy-wide industry leader.

When their suppliers couldn't meet Tagge's demand for materials to build a new starport on Wroona, Tarzen's brother Halven suggested they start their own supply chain to locate and mine resources. They received permission to explore a large group of planets set aside for corporate development. Other megacorporations then attempted to block Tagge from succeeding by refusing to sell them scout ships and supplies. This led Tagge to acquire a ship construction and design firm to produce their own ships, which were named Mining Explorers. These multipurpose ships were bulk freighters/survey ships/colony transports.

Tagge Company's success led to an economic boom on their homeworld, and prompted the government to grant them a chain of islands as a heredity barony.

It owned hundreds of subsidiaries, including publishing houses, news agencies, starship design and construction companies, medical and pharmaceutical firms, computer companies and security firms. They expanded rapidly during Palpatine's reign as Chancellor of the Republic and became a symbol of the New Order during the Galactic Empire.

However, after the New Order fell, there was severe retribution against Tagge Company. Their assets were seized throughout the Galaxy, and many of its executives were imprisoned or killed. Eventually they were reduced to a single facility on Tepasi.[1]

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